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Dr. Bernice Sanchez

COED Additional Funding for Write for Texas: Professional Development Grant to Support Academic Writing Awarded to TAMIU Professor

Texas A&M International University and Associate Professor Dr. Bernice Sanchez have been awarded

$203,500.00 for 2016-2017 by the Write for Texas Agency. Write for Texas is a partnership among the Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk (MCPER), Texas Education Agency (TEA), and the Institute for Public School Initiatives (IPSI). 


The Write for Texas Grant is designated as a resource support base grant for administrators and classroom teachers for the improvement of writing instruction at the secondary level. The grant provides Professional Development Sessions, on-line resources, teacher consultants, graduate tuition scholarships in the area of Literacy, and mentorship opportunities for secondary English Language Arts/Reading, and content area teachers to support effective writing instruction based on the guiding principles of effective writing instruction. The grant is designed to help all teachers across content areas to provide opportunities for students to read, write, and discuss a wide variety of genres while actively engaged in critical thinking tasks.  The primary goals of this initiative are to provide resources and support for teachers across the state of Texas for the improvement of writing instruction and for students to be able to communicate effectively and think critically through writing across genres.


The grant award funds provide classroom teacher support and graduate tuition scholarships in the area of Literacy for teachers interested in earning a Master Reading Teacher Certification or a Reading Specialist Certification.  COED Graduate students and current classroom teachers interested in applying for the Write for Texas Literacy Scholarship for summer 2017 please contact Dr. Sanchez for application information. $30,000. have been designated for teacher scholarships for this summer 2017.


The grant award received by Texas A&M International University for 2015-2016 last year was

$152, 200.00 and this second year of the grant award for 2016-2017 in the amount of $203,500. Over a 2 year award period the grant total combined includes $355,700.  for the improvement of reading and writing instruction.


For additional information, please contact the director and coordinator for the grant Dr. Bernice Sanchez, Associate Professor, at the College of Education  

If you are interested in earning a scholarship towards the Master Reading Teacher Certification Program/Reading Specialist Certificate, please access the application hereApplication deadline is April 28, 2017.

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