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Registration Guide

Welcome to Registration!

The College of Education has implemented a new system for registration! College of Education students are required to meet with their faculty advisor each semester to go over the progress of their degree and their registration for the following semester. Follow these steps for a successful registration period:

  1. Be admitted into the University and to the College of Education.
  2. Fill out the Pre-Registration Advising worksheet (find them under Our Programs on the College of Education Homepage OR see below) for your degree.
  3. Browse UConnect to get an idea of the classes in your degree sequence you want to register for. Keep in mind that the courses you choose should be within the sequence found on the catalog for your degree program.
  4. Make sure you have no holds that would affect your registration.
  5. Make an appointment to meet with the faculty advisor for your major.
  6. On the day of your appointment, bring your pre-registration advising worksheet, a copy of your
    unofficial transcript, a copy of your DegreeWorks, and a registration form to meet with your advisor.
  7. Fill out your registration form entirely! Make sure it has all the needed signatures.
  8. Turn your registration form in to the Dean’s Office (KL 429).
  9. Check your UConnect regularly to ensure your registration was successful. If you have any questions about the status of your registration, please visit the Dean's Office, or call us at (956) 326-2420.

Here are some important dates for registration. It is recommended that students meet with their faculty advisor during the Pre-Registration period to ensure a smooth registration process.

  • Week of March 5, 2018
    Pre-Registration week for Seniors in the College of Education.
  • Week of March 19, 2018
    Pre-Registration week for Juniors in the College of Education.
  • Week of March 26, 2018
    Pre-Registration for Pre-Education Majors (students who are not yet admitted to the College of Education).
  • April 2, 2018
    Registration opens.
You will need to meet with the assigned faculty advisor for your Degree. You will need to make an appointment with them.

Request An Appointment with A Faculty Advisor

 Attention Students: Office Hours for the Summer are Variant. For best information, please call us at 956.326.2420. We will be uploading the office hours for the Fall 2018 Semester during the first 2 weeks of the semester.

Office Hours: Department of Educational Programs








Ramirez, Alfredo
(Educational Leadership)



Benigno, Stephen
(Ed Admin)



Brown, Randel
(BSIS Special Education)



Dinkel, Lorraine



Garza, Sergio



Gill, Puneet
(Curriculum & Instruction)



Huber, Tonya
(Curriculum & Instruction)


Linn, Diana
(BSIS Special Education)


Norris, Jason


Pena, Mayra
(Blocks, Secondary Cert)


Rydberg, Nels


Sanchez, Bernice
(BSIS Bilingual)


Viloria, Maria de Lourdes
 (Educational Administration)


Villarreal, Linda



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