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The Harmony and Inspire Programs are dedicated to the health, safety, and well-being of our PreK-12 district and organizational partners, and the students we serve. Across the U.S. and the world, educators, businesses and communities are making daily shifts in operations to limit the spread of COVID-19. Many organizations are transitioning to a virtual learning environment.

As a committed educational partner, Harmony SEL is working quickly to build and launch at-home Social Emotional Learning resources for parents, teachers and students to support continued learning while at home.

Harmony at Home Inspire at Home


Summer of S.E.L.

During Summer 2020, Texas A&M International University’s (TAMIU’S) College of Education wanted to help teachers and University students resiliently reclaim and recover with a special, free online professional development opportunity.

Dubbed the “Summer of Sanford,”  it was offered through a partnership between TAMIU’s College of Education and Education Service Center 1.  It was available from July 6 to August 21 and used the nationally recognized Inspire and Harmony Programs. 

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Parent Camps



Harmony Social Emotional Learning

 Schools and organizations across the country are utilizing the no-cost Harmony social emotional learning (SEL) program to build healthy relationships and develop boys and girls into compassionate and caring adults. 

We also have included a list of recommendations of short video modules (30-60 minutes) through our Inspire program as a helpful resource for parents, guardians, and educators. You may find Teaching Students Empathy beneficial to have strategies on how to model, establish, and nurture empathy in these early days of dealing with the spread of COVID-19. Additional Inspire and Harmony modules will be recommended in the weeks to come, and instructions for accessing modules are included in the toolkit.

Harmony at Home is a program to support parents/caregivers as they begin to school their children at home. Follow these simple steps to build the skills you need to meet the social and emotional needs of your children during this difficult time.

  1.  Harmony at Home link with your local school districts and partners 
  2. Register for a live training webinar  
  3. Watch the  Harmony at Home training video 
  4. Review the annotated Getting Started Guide to navigating the Harmony Online Learning Portal and other materials.
  5. Explore Everyday Practices at Home 
  6. Explore the Lessons & Activities at Home.
  7. Watch this video about SEL for parents from the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL)
  8. Access the additional Parent and Caregiver Support Resources


Inspire Teaching and Learning

 The Inspire Teaching & Learning movement prepares and supports inspirational teachers through research-based knowledge, tools, and practices. The TAMIU College of Education has partnered with Inspire to provide modules to our students, free of charge, to develop and enhance their skills as future K-12 educators. 

Inspire at Home is a free online toolkit curated with vital training that equips you to practice effective self-care and support your students as they learn at home. This toolkit includes Inspire resources developed especially for classroom teachers to help you cope with stress, respond to students mindfully, and build relationships in a virtual teaching landscape.

Getting started with Inspire at Home is easy. Following the steps below will give you access to the resources you need to help you cope with stress, respond to students mindfully, and build relationships in a virtual teaching landscape.

  1. Use the annotated Getting Started Guide to help you navigate the site .
  2. Register for the Online Learning Portal and log in to access modules. It’s free!
  3. Navigate directly to a selected module from the links provided.
  4. If the link doesn't’t take you to the module, don’t worry! Go to the Dashboard and search for modules by name.
  5. When searching for modules, type a keyword from the title or include the full title.
  6. You can also browse by topic when you want to explore more resources.
  7. Access the Teacher Self-Care Resources
  8. Use the Student Support Resources to connect with your students online
  9. Use the Parent and Caregiver Support Resources to support parents remotely


Looking for more activities for children to do from home?

College of Education students are rising to the challenge! Check out our repository of student-created activity videos!

Partners Go Global

Anuppama Das

Anuppama Das
Partner - New Delhi, India


"I am the founder of AmbiClass, which is backed by my decade long experience as a teacher. I am delighted to be a part of Initiative that will enhance and create value for each and everyone who will be coming into the community.I am proud, happy and hopeful as now I can proudly say I am a part of your vision of bringing a positive change because we are together and above everything, WE ARE COMMITTED!"

Saara Viteli

Saara Viteli
Partner - Espoo, Finland

Fun Academy

Saara is VP of Education at Fun Academy, Global Master Trainer for Fun Learning. She served for more than 10 years as an Early Years Educator & Special Education Teacher. "Our educational solutions are rooted in the Finnish pedagogical system. We develop, test and implement educational solutions that teachers across the world can easily adapt to complement local cultures, curricula and students’ needs."

Jim Hollis

Jim Hollis
Partner - Oakland, California

Calculus Roundtable

Dr. Jim Hollis is the Executive Director and Founder of Calculus Roundtable, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising math and science skills for students, particularly for students of color. Dr. Hollis has enjoyed a twenty-year career in education reform, in the Bay Area and beyond. "We believe that math and science are everywhere. We work to implement blended learning environments that support the 21st Century learner."

Sam Awuku

Sam Awuku
Partner -  Accra, Ghana


Dr. Awuku is educator and independent education and development consultant of close to 30 years’ experience across Africa and Europe. He is the Board President at the Ghana Society for Education Technology (GSET); a leading not-for-profit continental membership association of over 2000 members dedicated to the professional development of educators in the advancement of STEM.

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