Causation & Correlation: Diversity in Research

As TAMIU students can attest, one of the special distinctions about TAMIU is that classes are taught by gifted faculty members from here and all over the world. Some of them are also part of the TAMIU Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, which works tirelessly to plan lectures, presentations and cultural events designed to advance the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion at TAMIU. Here, we introduce some of the faculty members Committee members, and provide a glimpse into their areas of study, published research and books.

Ju Oak Kim

Intersectionality in quality feminist television: rethinking women’s solidarity in The Handmaid’s Tale and Big Little Lies

Dr. Ju Oak Kim

Published in the: Journal of Criminal Justice Education

This study argues that U.S. quality feminist television paradoxically simplifies the exclusion and alienation of minority women through the ongoing centralization of white female protagonists in gendered solidarity, as well as through racial dichotomization within the gender category. 

Jared Dmello

Photovoice as a Research Technique for Student Learning and Empowerment: A Case Study from a South Texas Border Town

Dr. Jared Dmello, assistant professor of Criminal Justice

Published in the: Journal of Criminal Justice Education

Co-authors: Dr. Kimberly R. Kras

This paper documents experiences using Photovoice methods to empower students as both residents and researchers to systematically assess manifestations of social disorganization in a mid-sized city along the U.S.-México border.

Dr. Maria D Viloria

U.S.-México Borderlands Instructional Leadership Reflections

Dr. Lourdes Viloria, Associate professor of Education

Reference: Viloria, M. D. L., Byrd, J., Ferreyro, P., & Lee, T. (2020). US-Mexico Borderlands Instructional Leadership Reflections. Journal of Borderlands Studies, 1-17.

This research contributes to the field of Educational Administration by presenting the instructional leadership practices used by three borderlands school principals to develop Hispanic students’ postsecondary navigational capital...

Dr Aaron Olivas

Globalizing the War of the Spanish Succession: Conflict, Trade, and Political Alliances in Early Bourbon Spanish America

Dr. Aaron Alejandro Olivas, assistant professor of History

Published in The War of the Spanish Succession: New Perspectives, eds. Matthias Pohlig and Michael Schaich (Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, 2018), 411-430.

The purpose of this essay is to provide an overview of the often-overlooked colonial dimensions of the War of the Spanish Succession (1700-1715). It emphasizes the need to look beyond Europe in order fully to understand the origin, course...

Dr. Mehnaaz Momen

Political Satire, Postmodern Reality, and the Trump Presidency: Who are We Laughing At?

Dr. Mehnaaz Momen, associate professor of Public Administration

Published by Lexington Books, 2019.

This book attempts to grasp the recent paradigm shift in American politics through the lens of satire. It connects changes in the political and cultural landscape to corresponding shifts in the structure and organization...