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What is the FOSS Family?

  • It is a group of students just like you.

Students that have transferred into our university and are now part of a group with similar goals, interests, and attitudes.


  • It is a support system.

Students in the FOSS Family recognize each other and help each other whenever possible. Whether that is helping with directions to a building on campus, or helping to tell a student which university office can help them, our FOSS Family sticks together.


  • It is TAMIU.

We are woven into the fabric of the student body at TAMIU. We are a large part of the overall student body and we are actively participating in many of the clubs, organizations, programs and initiatives on campus.


  • It is a group of hardworkers.

We work hard to achieve our academic goals. We study hard. We go to tutoring and supplemental instruction. We do the extra credit projects. We are engaged with each of our professors.


  • We have fun.

We are involved in campus events and campus athletics. We have school spirit and know how to show it.


We are the FOSS FAMILY.


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