What is the FOSS Network?

FOSS Network

The FOSS Network is a group of representatives from many of the departments on TAMIU's campus that come together to ensure that the FOSS Family is a SUCCESS.

They include the following offices:

Office of the Associate VP for Academic Affairs

Division of Student Success

Office of Admissions

Office of Financial Aid

Office of Recruitment and School Relations

Office of Student Affairs

Office of Student Orientation, Leadership, and Engagement

PROF Center

University College

Writing Center

University Learning Center

Office of Information Technology

Office of Public Relations, Marketing, and Information Services

Office of Career Services

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Transfer Success Web

All individuals, groups, or departments that influence transfer student success, service learning and professional development activities for faculty were identified as stakeholders. The primary stakeholders include our external partner, Laredo Community College and internal partners were identified from multiple departments beginning with the Office of the Associate VP for Academic Affairs, the division responsible for the TAMIU project management and direction of TAMIU activities as well as data collection and tracking of TAMIU students; the Division of Student Success, responsible for admissions, financial aid, LCC student outreach, recruitment, and multiple other areas; the Professional Resource Opportunities for Faculty Center (PROF) Center, responsible for faculty support in research and instructional practices including service learning; and the University College, responsible for intensive student retention and support activities.  Other internal stakeholders are the Office of Information Technology, which will assist with the electronic needs of the proposed project; the Office of Public Relations, Marketing and Information Services, which will assist with the advertising and promotion of all project activities and results; the Writing Center, which provides tutoring, peer review sessions, and writing workshops; the University Learning Center, which provides students with academic support to enhance learning; and the Office of Career Services, which assists potential, current and former students to identify, explore, select and enter career programs and employment opportunities.


Each component of the TAMIU Transfer Success Web will meet regularly to assess that their individual project goals and objectives are progressing as planned, so they can make any necessary adjustments and modifications throughout the project period to ensure project success.  Mary Trevino, the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, will be responsible for the TAMIU project management and direction of TAMIU activities.  She and the members of the TAMIU Advisory Council (Activity Director, Vice President of Student Success, Director of the PROF Center, Executive Director of University College) will work closely to coordinate the transfer student, service learning, and professional development activities. They will also work with the overall Project Director at LCC to increase success for students and faculty on both our campuses.  The TAMIU Title V Advisory Council (T-TAC) will work with the stakeholders listed above to ensure the TAMIU project objectives are being achieved. Meetings will be held regularly to discuss issues to allow adjustments to be made in the program if needed.

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