University College provides a supportive environment that encourages students at every academic level to reach their potential and offers learning-assistance programs in response to students' needs.


Making a smooth transition into University life is an important step toward achieving success. TAMIU's First Year Success Program helps first-time freshmen and first-time transfer students get started on the right path through the First Year Experience.

The program promotes student success by coordinating an array of services that are responsive to students' needs. Exceptional upper division students serve as student mentors who provide individual support and information to each freshman on a biweekly basis through the first and second semesters on campus. In addition, mentors are available on a daily basis for any other first time students who may have questions or concerns about the first year on campus.


The Testing Center offers a variety of national, state, and special examinations for its students and the community. These tests, some of which are Internet* based, include:



Student Support Services offers support services to economically disadvantaged students, first generation college students and students with disabilities. Program participants receive tutoring, career, personal and academic counseling, and the opportunity to attend cultural activities outside the University.

The program also provides eligible students with special interest workshops, and opportunities to attend them in successfully meeting the challenges of University life.


University Learning Center (ULC) offers tutoring in a wide range of courses, including but not limited to mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, history, political science, accounting, statistics, economics, reading, study skills, and test taking skills. Availability of tutoring in a specific area is dependent on tutors' class schedules.

ULC also offers workshops throughout the academic year on a variety of academic support topics, especially the mathematics section of the THEA exam. Their purpose is to empower students to gain the edge necessary to succeed in a competitive educational environment. It is here that "good" students can learn the strategies that can make them "great" students.

ULC tutors are highly motivated, well-trained individuals, committed to providing you with a stress-free, productive environment for learning and studying. Our tutors are eager to share their study skills and insights that have made them successful.


The Writing Center supports the instructional goals of the faculty by providing free individual and small-group tutoring sessions, peer - review sessions, and writing workshops. Writing tutors are specially trained students and paraprofessional, who have demonstrated excellence in helping others develop their written communication skills and assist students with assignments at any stage of the writing process for any subject or discipline.