RLC-Living Room Unit


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Residential Learning Community - Living Room Unit



RLC Living Room plan


Room Dimensions


Living Room

X x X


X x X


X x X


X x X


X x X

Standard Vanity

X x X


X x X


X x X

Handicap Vanity

X x X

Coffee Table

X x X


X x X


X x X

End Table

X x X


X x X


X cu. ft.


X x X




Room Photos


RLC-Living Room  RLC-Living Room 2RLC-Living Room Bedroom  RLC-Living Room Bedroom Desk Area

RLC-Living Room Bathroom HC



Frequently Asked Questions

Are the rooms air-conditioned?

All rooms on campus are air-conditioned. Each unit has a thermostat that regulates the tempurature in all rooms of the suite (one thermostat controls all rooms)

Are the floors and halls co-ed?

All buildings are co-ed, usually with adjacent suites alternating between men and women. 

Is smoking permitted in the residence halls?

All student rooms and public areas in the residences are designated as non-smoking areas.  

Are microwaves permitted?

Every residence hall room is equipped with a Microfridge unit (microwave, freezer, refrigerator).

Are the rooms carpeted?

All students' bedrooms are carpeted.

Can students nail things to the walls?

We prefer students not nail things to the walls. Hooks, etc. with adhesive that does not damage paint may be used in student rooms. Room damages are charged to residents at the end of each year.

Are telephones provided?

No, telephone service is not supported in student rooms.

Are the rooms networked?

All rooms are equipped for immediate network access. The clubhouses also have wireless access to the TAMIU residential network.

Is cable television available?

Cable television is provided in every room.


Please visit our Rules & Community Standards and Residence Life sections for detailed information about rules and regulations in the campus residences.

Texas A&M International University and the Office of Housing & Residence Life are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property.

While most resident student possessions are covered by the parents homeowners insurance plans, National Student Services, Inc. offers a low premium/low deductible option that is often attractive to families (link includes audio). 


We highly encourage all residents and their parents to consult with insurance professionals to make educated decisions about coverages and items covered.



Housing Administrative Offices

Monday - Friday:  8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Wednesday - Thursday: 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Phone: 956-326-1300     Fax: 956-326-1309

*office hours may vary during the semester depending on the univeristy calendar

The Office of Housing  & Residence Life is a proud member of the Division of Student Success