Residence Life - Programming


Throughout the year, Housing & Residence Life staff plans various educational, social, and recreational programs for our residents.  These events are another included ammenity of living on-campus and a lot of fun.  Some of these programs occur on each floor, while others are geared toward all residents.  Housing & Residence Life supports resident athletes and residents that participate in the performing arts by encouraging all residents to attend scheduled meets, plays and concerts, or games throughout the year. Residents are encouraged to participate and even plan programs and events.  Contact your Resident Assistant to find out how to get involved with your community.  Below you will find a small sampling of the programs our staff present each year, many of these are in our Standard & Traditions programming block and have evolved over the years into the traditions they are today.


Athletic Tailgate    Housing's Next Top Model    Club Villagio 


 Resident Idol 1  TAMIU Soccer


Time Management Basketball Team program


  Thanksgiving DinnerWork for Liddle


The Office of Housing  & Residence Life is a proud member of the Division of Student Success