Find Articles

How to Find Articles

Killam Library has access to over 300 online databases; many of them full-text. These databases are accessible through the Killam Library Research Guides page under Databases A-Z, Databases by Subject, and each of the subject guides. For journal articles in a particular subject area, try the guide for that subject. If you're unsure of where to start, try the "General" tab in the Databases by Subject guide.

The library also has a selection of journals and newspapers in print. Current issues can be found on the 1st floor arranged by title. Popular magazines, as well as the day's papers, are on display in the Reference area. Older print volumes are bound and arranged by call number in the General Collection. All titles are for in-building use only. Select titles are available in microform as well.

If you find an article that Killam Library does not have access to, AND you are currently enrolled as a student at TAMIU or are TAMIU faculty or staff, you can request a copy via Interlibrary Loan, or use the "Request Item" button in the item record. There is no additional fee for this service.

Finding Articles by Magazine or Journal Title

Killam Library has over 65,000 magazines, journals, and newspapers, mostly in electronic format. You can access a master list of all online journals available through Killam Library by browsing the Periodicals A-Z list.

If you aren't sure of the exact title of the journal or can't find it alphabetically, you can also search for words in the title using the search box. Click on the "Search" tab and change the search to "Journals". You can also change the search type in the pull-down menu to "Match All Words" for the best results.

Once you find your journal title, click on it to see the availability. You will see one or more links to databases which include that journal among their full-text holdings. You will also see the available coverage (publication years) in each database. When you click on a link and follow it to the selected database(s), it may, in some cases, be necessary to search for the title again.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to view the library's print holdings here. You will have to do an additional search in WorldCat Discovery to find print volumes.

Finding an Article by Exact Citation

If you have the exact citation for an article, you can use Periodicals Search to see if Killam Library has full-text access.  Likewise, the Advanced Search in WorldCat Discovery is very good for searching by citation.

Why Should I Use Peer-Reviewed or Scholarly Articles?

A peer-reviewed or scholarly article has gone through a "quality control" process and is deemed authoritative and credible on a particular topic by experts in a given field. These are the types of articles your instructors prefer that you use. For more information on this topic visit here and here.

If your instructor has told you to use only articles from peer-reviewed, scholarly, or scientific journals, look for the phrase "peer-reviewed" on the landing page or advanced search page of any database you select. There will be a checkbox you can select to limit your search results to only those types of journals. You can also set this limit on the Advanced Search page in WorldCat Discovery, or by using the refine panel after you retrieve your search results.

How to Find a Newspaper Article

Searching for newspaper articles can be conducted in the same way as journal articles. Killam Library has 25 local, national, and international newspapers in English, Spanish, and Chinese in print. The most current issues can be found on the 1st floor, with today's paper on display in the popular magazines area, and back issues shelved with the current periodicals. For some titles, the library has microform backfiles going back to 1900 and earlier. Other issues can be found online.

The "Newspapers" tab in the Databases by Subject guide is an excellent resource for finding newspaper articles from a variety of papers from across the state, nation, and globe. You can also use WorldCat Discovery, Periodicals Search, or Periodicals A-Z as described above, to conduct your search.