Library & Staff Directory

Table with the first and last names, titles, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of library staff and librarians.
Last First Title Phone Number Email
Arreola Omelia Library Information Specialist 956-326-2121 omelia.arreola@tamiu.edu
Bogue Timothy Systems/Web Services Librarian 956-326-2137 tebogue@tamiu.edu
De Hoyos Arnoldo Library Assistant 956-326-2108 arnoldo.dehoyos@tamiu.edu
Cantu Pat Library Assistant 956-326-2125 pcantu@tamiu.edu
Carrillo Cynthia Library Assistant (UT Health Science Center) 956-523-7404 cynthia.carrillo@tamiu.edu
Dalton Malynda Access Services Librarian (Assoc) 956-326-2403 mdalton@tamiu.edu
DeZouche Elizabeth Information Literacy Librarian 956-326-2116 elizabeth.dezouche@tamiu.edu
Ferrier Douglas Library Director 956-326-2400 douglas.ferrier@tamiu.edu
Garza Anna Library Information Specialist 956-326-2124 agarza@tamiu.edu
Hatcher Jeanette Special Collections Librarian (Assoc) 956-326-2404 jhatcher@tamiu.edu
Hernandez Hector Library Assistant 956-326-2078 hhernandez@tamiu.edu
Hinojosa Rogelio Acquisitions Librarian (Assoc) 956-326-2123 rhinojosa@tamiu.edu
Ibarra Enrique Administrative Associate III 956-326-2107 enrique.ibarra@tamiu.edu 
Lozano Martha Library Assistant 956-326-2127 mlozano@tamiu.edu
Maldonado Ofelia Library Assistant 956-326-2126 omaldonado@tamiu.edu
Marquez Manuel Clerk 956-326-2402 manuel.marquez@tamiu.edu
Molina Josefina Library Information Specialist 956-326-2121 Josefina molina@tamiu.edu
Perez Gladys Administrative Coordinator 956-326-2400 gperez@tamiu.edu
Ramirez Vanessa Library Assistant 956-326-2112 vanessa.ramirez@tamiu.edu
Ramirez Cesar Library Information Specialist 956-326-2115 cesar.ramirez@tamiu.edu
Ramirez Norma Library Assistant 956-326-2128 nramirez@tamiu.edu
Ramos Elsa Library Information Specialist 956-326-2117 eramos@tamiu.edu
Robles Alyssa Clerk 956-326-2110 alyssa.robles@tamiu.edu
Rodriguez Lorenzo Circulation Services Coordinator 956-326-2110 lrodriguez@tamiu.edu
Rodriguez Amelia Library Assistant 956-326-2402 arodriguez@tamiu.edu
Sanchez Felipe Clerk 956-326-2124 felipea.sanchez@tamiu.edu
Torres Jennifer Library Assistant 956-326-2111 jennifer.torres@tamiu.edu
Vera Francisco Clerk 956-326-2107 francisco.vera@tamiu.edu
Webb Rodney Government Documents Librarian 956-326-2119 rwebb@tamiu.edu
Zamora Franco Administrative Associate III 956-326-2107  francisco.zamora@tamiu.edu