TAMIU Plans ‘DustyALRT’ Notification System this Spring

TAMIU to Offer University Emergency
Notification System, ‘DustyALRT,’ This Spring

This Spring, Texas A&M International University students, faculty and staff will be able to sign up for a powerful notification system that will alert them to University emergencies, closures or cancellations.

Emergency messages will be instantaneously delivered to cell phones, e-mail accounts or home numbers as requested by students, faculty or staff.

TAMIU president Dr. Ray Keck said the decision to utilize a universal notification system was a simple matter of enhancing University community safety.

“Technology today now offers us an extra measure of safety and awareness that previously was not available. Last April's tragedy at Virginia Tech served as a wake up call for higher education everywhere. Systems like the one that we will activate can do much to help us insure that our campus is as safe as possible with a global notification system in place, should it be needed,” Dr. Keck said.

LeeBrian Gaskins, the University's chief information officer, explained how the system will work.

“Once a student, faculty or staff member signs up for the service, dubbed ‘DustyALRT,’ the University can text his or her cell phone, home phone or e-mail account with timely information about emergencies, class cancellations, or campus closures. The service is available to all current TAMIU students, faculty and staff.

“Dusty alerts go right to cell phones, home phones or e-mail accounts the minute the news happens. It's a real convenient system for everyone, because it reaches people whether they are on or off campus. We know how students, faculty and staff love their cell phones, so now we can reach them with important information that may end up saving their lives,” Gaskins said.

While there is no cost from the University to the TAMIU student, faculty or staff to use the DustyALRT system, there may be a nominal carrier fee from their individual service provider to receive text messages.  Students must sign up or subscribe to the service to receive the emergency messages.

TAMIU Police Chief Felipe Garza said the DustyALRT System is an important addition to student safety and he strongly encourages its use.

“Although DustyALRT is an excellent system that can notify the entire campus within minutes,” Chief Garza said, “it only works if you take a minute to register yourself in the system. We are committed to our campus’ safety and this gives us a very powerful tool to help insure that all members of the University community: students, faculty and staff can benefit from enhanced security.”

DustyALRT is powered by e2campus, the same service in use at Texas A&M University, Texas A&M University-Texarkana and Tarleton State University. Nationwide, over 300 college and university campuses use e2campus, representing over 1 million users.

To learn more about DustyALRT, visit oit.tamiu.edu

For more information on e2campus, visit e2campus.com

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