Free Census 2000 Workshop Scheduled at A&M International's Killam Library

The first of seven free workshops exploring the government information resources available at Texas A&M International University's Sue and Radcliffe Killam Library is set for October 25 at 6 p.m. in Killam Library, room 206. No pre-registration is necessary and the workshop is free and open to the public.

Joshua D. Been, government information librarian, said this workshop will be useful for area entrepreneurs in obtaining demographic data to strategically target markets.

"Entrepreneurs will learn how to utilize Census 2000 data to locate particular demographic markets where it will be advantageous to set up a business or to obtain possible business deals. Advertisers will learn how to utilize Census 2000 data to locate and target particular demographic markets," said Been.

Residents interested in the rapid changes taking place in Laredo will also find the workshop helpful.

"Laredo residents can utilize Census 2000 data to understand and explore their communities and others. Residents should take advantage of this powerful tool to explore Laredo's neighborhood population, income, housing trends, and the many other facets of life here in Laredo. Comparing Census 2000 data with Census 1990 data, or earlier Census', Laredo residents can expect to see increases in population, income, average educational attainment, and slight increases in non-Hispanic residents," Been said.

Been explained that the 2000 census is different than previous ones because it is being released almost entirely electronically. While some of the data is available in print, all available data may be accessed through the Internet.

"We can get the information much faster this way. As soon as the government compiles the information, it's available on the website. The 1990 census wasn't available for a number of years, because all the data had to be completely finished, printed, bound and distributed to government depository libraries. With the Internet, they've been putting out data in chunks, as it becomes available," said Been.

Another exciting aspect of the Census is its availability, Been stated.

"All this information is available to anyone with access to the Internet. After attending the workshop and learning efficient research methods from an information professional, attendees can go home and access the data whenever they want. Rather than just giving them one-shot access, we're training them to become self-sufficient and be able to navigate the information on their own," said Been.

For more information, please contact Been at 326.2119, visit offices in Killam Library, room 109, or email

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