Cuéllar Securing Border

Cuéllar: Joint Operations Training Center to
Provide Training for those Securing Border

Rep. Henry Cuéllar (’82, MBA) announced a $1 million funding initiative that will establish a Joint Operations Training Center in Laredo in ceremonies held at Texas A&M International University’s Western Hemispheric Trade Center.  (photo)

The program will be administered through a cooperative effort between TAMIU and Laredo Community College.  Both entities will develop the training curriculum.

“The safety of our men and women who patrol the frontlines of our borders is imperative,” said Congressman Cuéllar  (D-Laredo), “We cannot expect our National Guardsmen and other law enforcement officers to assist in border security efforts without the appropriate training; therefore I am pleased to have secured from the Department of Defense this appropriations of one million dollars that will be used to kick-off the start of the training program.”

Initially, the money will be used as seed money to provide the facility and course development of the program.  Law enforcement officials will then recommend topics for training courses relevant to their supplemental border security initiatives.  Some topics already suggested include: understanding the roles and responsibilities of the National Guard and other law enforcers in supporting the Border Patrol; and courses providing specific knowledge of the border region and providing the students with the skills, knowledge, and abilities to support the Border Patrol in their activities.

In May of 2006, National Guard forces were assigned to “provide mobile communications, transportation, logistics, training, and construction support to the U.S. Border Patrol.”  The intent was for National Guard troops to assist our Border Patrol in their efforts to secure our border.  With these funds, troops, agents and officers will be better trained when placed on the frontlines to supplement border security efforts.

“As the security of border improves with new initiatives such as increased number of Border Patrol agents, Operation Streamline, and improved technical resources along the border, there will be new efforts to circumvent our increasingly secure border, and we envision being able to provide the students with the intelligence to respond to the new emerging threats,” said Cong. Cuéllar.

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