On Campus Life Boosts TAMIU Student Success in 2004

On Campus Life Boosts TAMIU Student Success


What's the best way for college students to increase their chances of graduating on time and making new friends?

They can live on campus at Texas A&M International University.

Some of the benefits of living on campus are obvious: short walk to classes or the library and convenient access to professor's office hours and campus events.

"Studies show students who live on campus have higher GPAs, complete their degrees in shorter time, don't transfer as much and have a more positive college experience. The students get the full benefits of the university," explained Dr. Tom Corti, vice president for Student Affairs.

"By interacting with other students daily in the clubhouse, dining center, and in the halls, they develop a greater sense of community," added Stephanie Hilbrand, Residence Hall manager, "You'll see the RLC students sit in the Diner, and they're noisy and having a good time. That's a community. The RLC is naturally a much more inclusive community than apartments, where you don't have to interact with the other people living around you."

This Fall, the opening of the new 424-bed Residential Learning Community signaled a new era at TAMIU. The University manages the new facility and is in the process of negotiating an agreement so it can also manage the 254-bed University Village.

The Residential Learning Community is divided into five themed floors: 24-hour quiet floor, health professions floor, wellness/substance free floor, performing arts floor, and an all female floor, as well as a floor without a theme.

"We are looking for ways to develop the community and students. We didn't have this opportunity before. When we get more students living on campus, they won't feel isolated. This develops cohesion and helps retention," explained Dr. Corti.

"It's great for younger students because they're in a group they can identify with. Everybody's learning how to study and meet new people. Most of the students are vulnerable and meeting new people is easier if you live on campus. And when you meet new people, you make a connection and with that connection comes the desire to stay at the University and be successful as a student," Hilbrand offered.

But for those who might think they can't live on campus because they live with their family in Laredo, they can benefit from living on campus too.

"If the reason you're leaving Laredo is just to leave your parents, come live here on campus," said Dr. Corti.

"As a bonus, most students who live on campus develop better relationships with their parents and say that they appreciate their parents more," Hildebrand added.

For information about On-Campus Housing, visit http://housing.tamiu.edu or call 956.326.1300.

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