TAMIU Reduced Summer Hour Work Schedule Won't Repeat in 2004

TAMIU Reduced Summer Hour Work Schedule Won't Repeat

An energy conservation effort this past summer by Texas A&M International University to reduce expenses after state budget cuts by observing a four-day 40-hour work week did not yield impressive savings and University officials have said the schedule will not be utilized this summer.

"Based on the analysis, the savings we realized over the 13-week period were not impressive and are not grounds for continuing a reduced summer schedule. The buildings we have constructed are highly energy efficient and the energy conservation effort only provided $5,653.00 in savings," said Jose García, TAMIU vice president for finance and administration.

The analysis was conducted by Energy Systems Laboratory of Texas A&M University and included an initial study and savings estimate and an after-the-fact analysis of the summer campus electric profile and the savings impact.

García noted that despite efforts to completely shutdown the campus on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, the University honored commitments to students and faculty that often only provided a partial campus shutdown.

"While we strategically limited additional use of the buildings, we have weekend courses, faculty research and student access to our Killam Library that needed to continue after the scheduled work week change. In addition, a minimum temperature must be maintained in key areas to prevent damage to equipment by heat and high humidity levels," he noted.

The partial shut down also translated into additional costs to the University with reduced operating schedules for the bookstore and food court.

"Our contracts were predicated on a five-day operation and resulted in a reduction in service hours and income," García explained.

Nevertheless, he said that the energy conservation effort still provided valuable information for future savings.

"As we bring additional buildings on-line, such as the Lamar Bruni Vergara Science Center, we will continue to utilize the cost-savings conservation measures we have in place, including our computerized metering, automatic light cut-off in vacant rooms and adjusted centralized temperature settings that are comfortable, but energy efficient," he said.

"We're blessed with superior construction and technology that truly makes our facilities among the best at using energy wisely and efficiently," he concluded.

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