University Posts Enrollment, SCH Gains for Spring

University Posts Enrollment,
Credit Hour Gains for Spring 2006

Official enrollment figures reported to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board  for the Spring Semester 2006 at Texas A&M international University show a 4.23% increase in enrollment and a 7.77% increase in semester credit hours (SCH).

Total combined undergraduate and graduate enrollment is 4,380, up from last  Spring's 4,202 .  SCH is 43,985, up from  last Spring's 40,810.

Dr. Ray Keck, TAMIU president, said that the increases are especially impressive as they are occurring in the Spring semester and a funding year.  Traditionally,  enrollment and SCH growth is seen in Fall semesters.

"Clearly, higher enrollment and greater SCH means we're better able to deliver on our mission of higher education.  These increases are especially helpful as this is a funding year.  We continue to be blessed by community support and partnerships that help to encourage all students to pursue their dream of a higher education at TAMIU,"  Dr. Keck said.

That said, he cautions that enrollment could grow further if reductions in state student support for Texas Grant and other student assistance programs could be restored.

"Our enrollment growth is linked to the availability of financial assistance in a variety of forms.  Two years ago, 78% of our students were receiving financial assistance, but  State budget cuts and reduction in support for these programs has reduced that to less than 68%.  We continue to be heartened by the efforts of our state legislative team to correct these shortages,"  Keck said.

He provided additional information on  TAMIU Spring Semester 2006 enrollment: Full-time students comprise 53.6% (2,348) of the Spring combined undergraduate/graduate enrollment while 46%  (2,032) are part-time. Of  graduate students enrolled this semester, 54.8% (585)  hold TAMIU undergraduate degrees.

The most popular undergraduate majors are early childhood (education), criminal justice and nursing.  The most popular graduate programs are educational administration, school counseling and special education. The fastest growing programs are early childhood (undergraduate) and school counseling (graduate).

The average student age is 24 (undergraduate) and 32 (graduate).  The youngest student is 15 while the oldest is 72.  Females outnumber males 63% (2,750)   to 37% (1630).

Minority enrollment includes 89% Hispanic, .6% Black and .6% Asian.  Eighty-four percent of students come from Webb County, but 5.3% of the University's combined undergraduate and graduate enrollment is international, and represents 30 countries.

Online registration via LASSO for the University's Summer Sessions and Fall 2006 begins April 17  with SSI classes starting June 5 and SS II classes beginning July 10. Click on lasso.tamiu.edu to register.

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