TAMIU-LCC Ink Accord for Joint Student Admissions March3, 2005

TAMIU-LCC Ink Accord for Joint Student Admissions


With the simple act of signing an agreement, the presidents of Laredo Community College and Texas A&M International University have made it possible for LCC students to enjoy simultaneous joint admission to TAMIU.

Officials gathered Thursday at TAMIU to sign the agreement guiding a joint admissions program between the two entities. (Photo)

Dr. Ray Keck, TAMIU president, said the accord signals a new day for the institutions' shared commitment to higher education in the area.

"This codifies our shared commitment to higher education here, entitling qualified students to joint admission to both LCC and TAMIU. Students can alternate enrollment between institutions or co-enroll at their discretion," Dr. Keck said.

Dr. Ramon Dovalina, LCC president, noted that the agreement lays the groundwork for the creation of extensive articulation agreements in a broad range of majors.

"This sets the stage for a variety of strategic agreements that will be made available to LCC and TAMIU students. TAMIU will provide academic advisors to students attending LCC prior to their actual transfer and LCC will notify TAMIU of students who qualify for and desire Joint Admission," Dr. Dovalina explained.

Dr. Juan Maldonado, LCC vice president for instruction and student development, said that students will have greater opportunities to obtain a college education.

"This agreement exemplifies the commitment and vision that LCC and TAMIU share to make higher education accessible and affordable to students in our respective service areas," said Dr. Maldonado.

Dr. Dan Jones, TAMIU provost and vice president for academic affairs, said the agreement also makes possible an innovative array of support provisions.

"For example, students qualifying for joint admission will be issued an ID, computer account, e-mail account and web access via TAMIU. TAMIU and LCC students will be granted access to computer lab facilities, library facilities and athletics facilities," Dr. Jones said.

The agreement also:

*Maximizes the number of course transfer hours from LCC to TAMIU and makes it possible for TAMIU course credits to be applied to LCC for satisfaction of an associate degree.

*Strives to make financial aid transfer between institutions as convenient as possible.

*Makes it possible for LCC students interested in taking classes at TAMIU to register for classes at TAMIU as though they were previously enrolled fulltime at TAMIU.

*Provides an official space for TAMIU to staff on the LCC campus.

*Appoints a committee to meet yearly to review the agreement and determine termination or expansion of same.

For additional information, contact Dr. Jones, Office of the Provost, at TAMIU at 326.2240 or Dr. Juan L. Maldonado, LCC Office of the Vice President for Instruction and Student Development at 721.5142.

Journalists who need additional information or help with media requests and interviews should contact the Office of Public Affairs and Information Services at pais@tamiu.edu