TAMIU Names Academic Conference Student Winners

TAMIU Announces Student
Academic Conference Winners

Texas A&M International University students participated in the College of Arts and Sciences Fifth Annual Guillermo Benavides Z Academic Conference last weekend.

“The Conference is a remarkable opportunity for the exchange of research, ideas, strategies, hopes and dreams, but also visibly demonstrates that we are blessed with some very talented students here at TAMIU,” said Dr. Nassar Momayezi, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

The Conference allows undergraduate and graduate students in the College’s various disciplines to present their scholarship at an academic conference while providing presenters and attendees greater exposure to other disciplines—from health issues, math and science, creative writing and perception to different approaches in the creative arts.

“The research presented throughout the conference by both our undergraduate and graduate students offers an enviable benchmark for student research that easily rivals that expected at larger and more established universities. I believe the effort by these students and the guidance provided by their respective faculty members is indicative of the richly supportive environment at TAMIU that allows for fertile and relevant academic research to be conducted and through this annual conference, shared with peers and others,” continued Dr. Momayezi.

Students might also discover that there is more to what they want out of life.

“It also introduces undergraduate students to the idea that graduate studies might be something they may wish to consider,” added Momayezi.

Conference co-chairs, Dr. David Beck, assistant professor of biology, and Dr. Kevin Lindberg, assistant professor of English, announced the Conference winners.

Eileen Ramos Torrales was named the overall Grand Prize winner for her presentation, “Two Versions of ‘Fantasie Impromptu’ by Frederic Chopin (1810 – 1849).”

The subject area winners in the conference are: Roger Rodríguez, Best Graduate Student Paper in Psychology; James Cortez, Best Student Paper in Biology, Chemistry and Geology; Liliana Saldaña, Best Student Paper in Criminal Justice; Ariel Sauceda, Best Student Paper in Creative Writing; Lola Norris, Best Student Paper in Literature; James McCarry, Best Student Paper in Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy; Mohsen K. Omar, Best Student Paper in Political Science; Anthony Filazzola, Best Student Paper in Social Science; Eileen Ramos Torrales, Best Student Paper in Visual and Performing Arts; and Carina B. González, Best Poster Presentation.

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