TAMIU Slates Community Survey in Time for 250th Anniversary

TAMIU Slates Community Survey in Time for 250th Anniversary

With Laredo's 250th Anniversary fast approaching, Texas A&M International University researchers will be looking to assess the community's present and future through a community-wide survey and research project announced at press conference Wednesday at TAMIU.

The community assessment will be conducted by the University's Texas Center for Border Economics and Enterprise Development. It is being assisted by funding partnerships including The Laredo Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Laredo Development Foundation and The Laredo Morning Times.

Dr. Ray Keck, TAMIU president, said the effort comes at an important crossroads in Laredo's history.

"With the approach of this monumental event in the history of Laredo, we feel it is appropriate that we stop and pause and survey our needs, strengths, weaknesses and come together as a community to create an action plan for the future. This assessment will be the first step in that effort," Dr. Keck said.

Keck said such assessments are in keeping with the University's research mission.

"This is a contribution that we can proudly make back to our community that is in keeping with the University's teaching and research missions," he said.

He praised the partnerships that are making the research possible and encouraged others to follow the example.

"We are pleased that this support has been immediate and enthusiastic and would hope that others might want to join us in this endeavor," Dr. Keck encouraged.

Dr. Michael Patrick, interim dean of the College of Business Administration and the director of the Texas Center, said the effort will be a challenge, but has important long-term ramifications.

"These are difficult questions for any community to ask itself, but necessary in order to assure the community's growth, development and relevance to its citizenry," Dr. Patrick said.

Partners in the effort will meet soon to plan the assessment and timeline its implementation and eventual community-based plan of action.

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