TAMIU College of Ed Presents Excellence Awards

TAMIU’s College of Education Presents
its Excellence in Education Awards

student and Gloria Flores

Gloria Flores, director, Center for Professional Development and Teaching, congratulates a student.

Texas A&M International University’s College of Education inaugurated a new tradition this past week at TAMIU with its presentation of the Excellence in Education Awards at the Student Center Ballroom.

The event was sponsored by Commerce Bank and honored Early College High School, undergraduate, graduate, doctoral students; faculty and community educators and leaders.
Special Guest speaker was Dr. Frank Ashley, associate vice chancellor for Academic Affairs for The Texas A&M University System.

Entertainment was provided by the VMT Steel Drums of the Vidal M. Trevino Magnet School under the direction of Carlos Torres, and the United High School Jazz Choir, under the direction of Paul Foster.

Awards and their recipients are as follows:

9th Grade - Andrea Betance; 10th Grade -Alexandra Reyes.

Block I - Nancy M. Garza, Nelicia González and Iliana Vargas
Block II - Katya Carpenter, Guadalupe Jaramillo and Michael Salas.
Block III - Elizabeth Miller, Yolanda Torres and José Leija.
E 3 Program - San Juana Romero.
Rio Program - Jo Ann González.
Title V – TAMIU, Cohort I- Blanca Rosales, Gloria Rocha and Graciela Zamarrón.
Title V – TAMIU, Cohort II - Julie Medina, Marcus Guerra and Rachel Green.
Title V – Laredo Community College - Rocío Arriaga, Selina Fuentes and Vicente Ruiz III.
Junior Achievement – TAMIU - Abby Zamarrón and Israel López.
Junior Achievement – LCC - Daniel Díaz and Saraí Piña.

ACP - Amanda Rae Cruz.
School Counseling - Nereida Pizano.
Educational Administration - Sandra Leticia Higareda.
Bilingual Education - Leonor Narváez.
Reading - María Guadalupe Torres.
Early Childhood - Enriqueta Sánchez.
Curriculum and Instruction -Linda Garza.
Special Education - Letycia Flores and Angélica Hinojosa.
Communication Disorders - Robert Treviño.

Educational Administration - Dr. Guadalupe Gorordo.
Curriculum and Instruction - Bernice Sánchez.

TAMIU Teacher of the Year - Dr. Ronald J. Anderson.
TAMIU Scholar of the Year - Dr. Sukho Lee.

Teacher Education - Araceli Pacheco.
Special Education - Becky Long.
Bilingual Education - Dr. Myrtha Villarreal.
Educational Administration - José García – TAMIU.
School Counseling - Ana Laura R. Salinas.
Communication Disorders - Patsy San Miguel.
Teacher Education Administration - Dr. Dee Hopkins, Dean College of Education – Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi.
Dr. Dan R. Jones, Provost – TAMIU

United Independent School District
Music - Paul Foster – United High School and Rafael Morales Jr. – United South High School.
Athletics - René Rodríguez – United High School and Javier Reyes – Alexander High School.
Laredo Independent School District
Music - John Spillane – Cigarroa High School and Bea Balli – Lamar Middle School.
Athletics - Armando Jasso – Martin High School and Javier Sánchez – Cigarroa High School.

Master Teachers - Deann Sweeper – United High School, Orlando Patricio – United High School, Crystal Álvarez –Hebbronville High School and Adrián Chapa – Carrizo Springs High School.
Teacher Partners - David Valdez – Hebbronville High School, Roxanne García – Carrizo Springs High School, José Martínez – Cotulla High School, Felisa Tejada – Dilley High School and Raymundo Guzmán – Zapata High School.


TITLE V SCHOLARSHIP DONOR - Emilia Rodríguez García.

Entertainment was provided by the VMT Steel Drums of the Vidal M. Trevino Magnet School under the direction of Carlos Torres, and the United High School Jazz Choir, under the direction of Paul Foster.

For additional information, contact the Office of the Dean, College of Education at 326.2420.

Journalists who need additional information or help with media requests and interviews should contact the Office of Public Relations, Marketing and Information Services at prmis@tamiu.edu