‘University Life’ Student Award Recipients Named

University Life Student
Awards Presented at TAMIU

Texas A&M International University honored its students and student organizations for exceeding expectations and making a difference outside the classroom.

The awards ceremony was held April 28.

“We honor undergraduate and graduate students, student organizations and advisors with plaques, certificates, clocks and medals at a yearly ceremony,” said Dennis Koch, director, TAMIU Student Activities.

“There is so much that happens outside the classroom that makes the University a community that makes this evening so special. To recognize all the positive events and people that make TAMIU so strong is wonderful,” continued Koch.

The students, organizations and advisors who were honored are as follows:

Zaffirini Scholarship and Leadership Award: James Cortez.

Student Employee of the Year: Carlos A. González, student employee for the College of Arts and Sciences department of social sciences.

Contribution to the University Village: Ericka Connie Peña, Amparo Diaz, Diego Aranda, Alberto Kleen, Teresita Rangel and Jessica Dávila.

Contribution to the Residential Learning Community (RLC): Maci Caballero, Jorge Martínez, Alexandria Martínez, Marco Falcón, Juan Espinoza, José de la Cruz, Hilda Cintrón and Esperanza González.

Contribution to the RLC Council: Carlos U. Ramírez, Carolina de la Rosa, Ramón Parra, Samantha Proa, Francisco Eduardo Vila Hoz and José de la Cruz.

Resident Assistant Program of the Year at the University Village: Limbo Luau presented by Diego Aranda.

Resident Assistant Program of the Year at the RLC: Mardi Gras presented by Alexandria Martínez, Marco Falcón, Juan Espinoza and José de la Cruz.

Resident Assistant of the Year at the University Village: Ericka Connie Peña.

Resident Assistant of the Year at the RLC: José de la Cruz.

Office of Student Disabilities certificates for volunteering to assist TAMIU students with disabilities: Myra Janet Luera, Xanath Cristina Plascencia, Juan H. Alonzo Jr., Nuria Abud, Erika D. Lozano, Mayra K. Lozano, Melissa Martínez, Alexandra Sánchez, Jeremy L. Bedwell, Javier Salinas, Cristina Gómez, Gretchen Casarez, Isis Martínez Kouba and Joe Edward Molina.

Student Government Association Awards: Sofia Sanmiguel Gutíerrez, Alfredo Jiménez, James Cortez, Rodolfo Morales, Marc Andres and Matthew Hall.

SGA Certificates: Ana Tijerina, Matthew Hall, Annalie Miravete, Rodolfo Morales, Jacqueline Corrales, Alejandro Cantú, Rodrigo Rodríguez, Laura Peña, Roberto Flores, James Cortez, Gabriel Castillo, Christine Cortez, Yuri Robles and Marc Andres.

Most Outstanding Advisor: Gina Gonzalez, director, Office of Recruitment and Student Relations and Student Ambassador advisor.

Outstanding Community Service: Delta Psi Alpha.

Student Organization Member Achievement: Selina Magaña, Student Ambassadors.

Freshmen Excellence: Luis A. Stagg, Lambda Chi Alpha.

Leader of the Year: Cynthia Gallardo, Student Ambassadors.

Most Active Student Organization: Delta Psi Alpha.

For more information, please contact Koch at dkoch@tamiu.edu or 326.2280 or visit offices in Student Center 226C.

University office hours are 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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