Free TAMIU Stress Center Open to the Public in 2004

Free TAMIU Stress Center Open to the Public

(You are reading an archived news release that contains information that was correct at the time of its release in 2004, but is no longer accurate. For current information, please call 956.326.3120)

If you are stressed, depressed or just out of sorts, there is a new facility in town to help you find the path to wellness.

The recently opened Texas A&M International University Community Stress Center, located at 1319 Corpus Christi, offers free counseling to adults and adolescents aged 13 and older. Office hours are 1 to 4 p.m., Monday through Thursday.

Dr. Bonnie Rudolph, associate professor and interim chair of the Department of Behavioral, Applied Sciences and Criminal Justice, explained two graduate students from the Masters of Arts and Counseling Psychology (MACP) program staff the Stress Center, under Dr. Rudolph's supervision.

She said clients of the Stress Center have the security of knowing that in addition to the practicum counselors, all sessions are reviewed by Rudolph, a licensed clinical psychologist, who provides instruction and feedback to the students.

Rudolph said a variety of counseling and educational opportunities are available at the Stress Center.

"First, we provide an assessment interview, which usually lasts an hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and a half. The interview is designed to identify the problem and the proper service for the individual. Problems to be addressed can include family, work, or relationships issues," said Rudolph.

She said another important aspect of the assessment interview was determining if the Stress Center was the right place for the individual.

"If we determine our Center is not the correct place, we can offer referral services, and connect the client to area assistance," said Rudolph.

She said clients who use the Center will usually be treated with short-term therapy, which consists of six sessions with the practicum counselors. She said while other options may be tried, short-term therapy is the first choice of the Stress Center.

Other offered services include psychological tests and psycho-educational groups, which can help people deal with life issues such as anger management, time budgeting, divorce, death of a parent or loved one, explained Rudolph. Career counseling is also offered.

She said the Stress Center, which has long been a dream, was made possible through the generous donation of space.

"Jessie Hernandez, a graduate of the MACP ('02), gave us a room in his building, which houses La Familla, his own center," said Rudolph.

In addition, she noted the donation of her own time to review each session and provide supervision and the University's support, allowing her to give time to the project.

Rudolph explained TAMIU hopes to expand the Stress Center through other donations.

"I hope other licensed individuals in the community will volunteer to assist the Center. I don't know of any other Centers in town that provide the same short-term psycho-counseling for free," said Rudolph.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact the TAMIU Community Stress Center at 956.285.0854. Additionally, Dr. Rudolph can be reached at 326.2638.

Journalists who need additional information or help with media requests and interviews should contact the Office of Public Affairs and Information Services at pais@tamiu.edu