TAMIU Offering Summer Classes in Zapata
Posted: 5/19/11

TAMIU Offering
Classes in Zapata

There’s something new in Zapata this summer -- Texas A&M International University will offer college credit classes in Zapata during the 2011 Summer Session, June 6 through July 7.

Two classes, American National Government and Introduction to Sociology will be taught by TAMIU adjunct faculty, David M. Brown, J.D. and Cruz C. Torres, Ph.D. at the new Zapata County Advanced Education Center, located at Highway 83 and 7th street across from the Zapata County Court House.

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Dr. Brown, who is also the new Dean of the Zapata County Advanced Education Center, said he is pleased with the community’s response and support for higher education.

“Starting this summer, Zapata, Texas, will become a college town,” Brown said.

He credits the efforts of elected county officials and TAMIU working together to develop a viable University curriculum for the community.

“Both recent graduates and students who want to come back to school can now take advantage of the remarkable resources of Texas A&M International University and The Texas A&M University System right here in Zapata,” Brown said.

Successful class offering is contingent upon sufficient enrollment, so interested students are encouraged to register early. During Summer Session, students are allowed to take one or two classes, but no more than two, as classes are concentrated into four weeks.

“The advantage is that students taking two summer courses taught in Zapata are classified as full-time and eligible to receive financial aid,” Brown explained.

Both classes are part of the core curriculum required to earn a Bachelors degree in Texas and the academic credits can be transferred to other universities, explained Dr. Carol Waters, TAMIU associate vice president of Academic Enrichment and International Development.

“Students and their families will save a lot of money taking their core curriculum University classes in Zapata as opposed to traveling everyday back and forth to Laredo,” Dr. Waters said.

The classes are listed in the online TAMIU 2011 Summer Session catalog as PSCI 2305 American National Government and SOCI 1301 Introduction to Sociology.

Dr. Brown’s government class will meet 8:00 -10:00 a.m., and Dr. Torres’s sociology class will meet from 10:00 am- noon. Both classes will meet Monday through Friday at the Vocational skills classroom at the new Zapata County Advanced Education Center.

For more information or help completing the online application and class registration process, Dr. Brown can be reached at (956) 765-9815 or at his office on the second floor of the Zapata County Court House.

Journalists who need additional information or help with media requests and interviews should contact the Office of Public Relations, Marketing and Information Services at prmis@tamiu.edu