TAMIU CJ Program Adds Online Classes, Offers 5-Week Courses
Posted: 8/9/12

Students’ Transition to University Life
Helped by Parent Orientation at TAMIU

Student Orientation

Getting to Know the U

Texas A&M International University students participate in an on-campus Orientation program that includes students and their parents. The next Parent and Family Orientation is Monday, Aug. 13. Getting to know the University at a recent Orientation are (left to right): Alexa Huerta, Hannah Gabelman, Zuzette Deliz and Melissa Leal, whose parents Raul and Irene Leal joined her.

Like all parents, Raul and Irene Leal were worried about their daughter Melissa’s impending move to young student life as she readied to go away to college.

But they found comfort and confidence about the move when they joined Melissa at a special orientation event for parents and their students at Texas A&M International University (TAMIU).

“Honestly, I thought I was going for an hour, but enjoyed the full day,” chuckled Raul Leal, “…we all feel it made a big difference in our understanding of University life at TAMIU.  It gave us a chance to reconnect with higher education and the services available to students in the 30 years since we were in college.   We were all impressed and we’re real happy with our decision and our daughter’s to go to TAMIU,” said Raul Leal.

The Leals are graduates of the former Laredo State University.  Both noted they were impressed by the quality of presentations and service at the TAMIU Orientation.

“The presentations were just great and there was excellent customer service…we were treated like royalty,” observed Irene Leal.

TAMIU organizers said the TAMIU Parent and Family Orientation has grown in popularity since first being offered in 2011.

“We’ve seen tremendous growth in interest in this program.  We understand that all parents want to know that their student will be safe, comfortable and that their new home at the University will support them as they move through their undergraduate experience,” explained Jerry Alva, director of student affairs.

“We’ve prepared a special program that allows parents to learn how they can help their student succeed, while also affording them a chance to experience TAMIU traditions that are the foundation of student life here,” Alva explained.

“Both parents and students have an opportunity to meet with faculty, staff, and fellow new Dustdevil family members. TAMIU Parent and Family Orientation runs simultaneous to the first day of New Student Orientation: Dusty Camp,” he said.

The last opportunity for parents to participate in the Parent and Family Orientation will be Monday, Aug. 13.

For additional information and reservations, call the TAMIU Office of Student Affairs at 956.326.2280, email studentaffairs@tamiu.edu or click on “Orientation”  at tamiu.edu/studentaffairs

See an online gallery of TAMIU Orientation and student events at: https://www.facebook.com/media/albums/?id=192176032294

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