Mexican Consulate Initiates New TAMIU Scholarship
Posted: 10/31/13

Mexican Consulate Initiates New
Scholarship Program at TAMIU

A new $20,000 scholarship gift to Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) will help fund the higher education dreams of Mexicans living abroad and attending TAMIU.

Miguel Angel Isidro Rodríguez, the Consulate General of Mexico-Laredo, and TAMIU administrators have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding that provides for the scholarships  funded  by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Institute for Mexicans Abroad (IME) with assistance from WTD Geosciences Services, Inc.

Scholarship recipients

New Scholarship Recipients at TAMIU

A $20,000 scholarship from Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Institute for Mexicans Abroad (IME) with assistance from WTD Geosciences Services, Inc. will provide Texas A&M International University students from Mexico with scholarships to secure their higher education dreams. Students receiving the scholarships are front, left to right, Jesús Saldaña Marin, María F. González, Tania Juan Y Seva and Diana Saiden Nuñez. Back row, left to right are Pedro Chapa, Simon Kendall, CEO, Interica; Dr. Ray Keck, TAMIU president, Consulate General of Mexico-Laredo, Miguel Angel Isidro Rodríguez and Dr. Efrain Zavala of WTD Geosciences Services, Inc.

“The IME’s mission is to improve United States access opportunities for qualified Mexicans and individuals of Mexican origin at all educational levels.  We are delighted to partner with Texas A&M International University to provide this access through the Scholarship, to be known as the IME Fellowship Program,” Consul Isidro explained.

TAMIU president Dr. Ray Keck said the agreement underscores TAMIU’s international mission and affirms its strong relationship with its neighbor to the south.

“Providing this avenue of education and betterment to these deserving students helps to underscore our international mission and vision of shared services between two great nations and two great friends.  The goals of these students and their successful attainment of the degrees they seek benefits us all,” Dr. Keck noted.

Students selected to receive the IME Fellowship scholarships are María F. González, Diana Saiden Nuñez, Jesús Saldaña Marín and Tania Juan Y Seva.

Joining  in congratulating the students at the scholarship program’s announcement were Consul Isidro, his wife Patricia and members of the Consular staff, including Reyna Arzate, IME coordinator, and special guest Efrain Zavala of WTD Geosciences Services, Inc.

For additional information on the IME Fellowship at TAMIU, contact TAMIU director of Financial Aid, Laura Elizondo at 956.326.2213, visit offices in the University Success Center or click on www.tamiu.edu/affairs/financial/

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