Cong Cuellar Announces $1.5 Million in NSF Grants at TAMIU
Posted: 9/6/13

Congressman Cuéllar Presents $1.5 million
in NSF Grants to TAMIU for STEM Programs

Congressman Henry Cuéllar (D-TX28), along with Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) president Dr. Ray Keck presented a total of $1.5 million in federal funds to TAMIU’s Science Technology and Math (STEM) Program Friday.

In making the announcement, Cong. Cuéllar (’82) noted that nine of the 10 fastest-growing occupations that require at least a bachelor’s degree would require significant scientific or mathematical training.          

Celeste Kidd; Dr. Pablo Arenaz; Raquel Muñiz; Dr. Katie Lewis; Dr. John Kilburn; Dr. Alfred Addo-Mensah; Dr. Anju Gupta; Dr. Rohitha Goonatilake; Anne Frey; Congressman Henry Cuellar; Dr. Runchang Lin and Dr. RayKeck.

$1.5 Million in Grants at TAMIU

Congressman Henry Cuéllar and TAMIU president Dr. Ray Keck presented a total of
$1.5 million in federal funds for TAMIU’s STEM Program Friday. Pictured from left to right are: Celeste Kidd, research administrator for the TAMIU Office of Research and Sponsored Projects; Dr. Pablo Arenaz, TAMIU provost and vice president of Academic Affairs; Raquel Muñiz, student president of TAMIU’s Mathematics Society; Dr. Katie Lewis, assistant professor of curriculum and pedagogy; Dr. John Kilburn, associate dean of research; Dr. Alfred Addo-Mensah, assistant professor of chemistry; Dr. Anju Gupta, assistant professor of biology and chemistry; Dr. Rohitha Goonatilake, professor of mathematics and interim chair of the Department of Engineering, Mathematics and Physics; Anne Frey, associate director of Grant Development; Congressman Cuéllar; Dr. Runchang Lin, associate professor of mathematics and academic advisor, and Dr. Keck.

“With these grants, provided by the National Science Foundation, TAMIU will help tap into this resource by increasing financial support for minority STEM students, improving teacher quality and preparation and providing teachers and students with increased opportunities for research, Cuéllar said.

“The United States has one of the lowest rates of graduation in STEM fields among developed countries,”  Cuéllar  added, “We face a severe shortage of technical talent in the US that causes our economy to lose out on valuable opportunities for growth.  Our students are our greatest untapped resources in combating the trend.  I commend the efforts TAMIU has expended to bring more resources for science and technology education and will continue to advocate for similar resources at the federal level.”

Dr. Keck said that the federal funds will allow TAMIU to continue its growth in STEM program offerings.

“We are grateful to Congressman Cuéllar for his unwavering support of TAMIU and for his solid partnership in securing numerous grants for us over the years including these three from the NSF,” said Keck, “As we continue to work to increase the number of students pursuing degrees in STEM fields, these grant programs will help us prepare dynamic math teachers in our community, as well as foster various educational and research opportunities for both students and faculty.”

The three grants from the National Science Foundation include:

  1. A $1,199,971.00 award from the Robert Noyce Mathematics Teacher Scholarship Program. Its purpose is to provide a minimum of 36 Noyce Scholarships during the next five years to generate highly qualified mathematics teachers.
  2. A $274,900 award from the Major Research Instrumentation Program. This award funds the acquisition of a specialized Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer to advance research and teaching at TAMIU.
  3. An additional award of $41,627.00 from the Major Research Instrumentation Program. The award funds the acquisition of an Automated Peptide Synthesizer to enhance research and facilitate the expansion of a peptide chemistry lab.

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