Middle School Students Receive TAMIU Scholarships; Bank on Future
Posted: 12/10/14

Middle School Students Receive TAMIU
Scholarships, Bank on their Future

Three middle school students who were part of Texas A&M International University’s (TAMIU) Middle School Summer Camp last summer are banking on their future as they each received a scholarship that can be applied to the discipline of their choice.

winners of the TAMIU Middle School Summer Camp’s “ScholarChips” game

Banking on Future with TAMIU Scholarships
Middle school students Jazlyn Salinas and Daeji Rodríguez, both from United South Middle School, and Fiorella Forno, from Trautmann Middle School, recently met Texas A&M International University President Ray Keck at a special luncheon at the University, where they received TAMIU scholarships of $500 as winners of the TAMIU Middle School Summer Camp’s “ScholarChips” game. The game was created to empower students for their future.

Fiorella Forno from Trautmann Middle School, Daejia Rodriguez and Jazlyn Salinas, from United South Middle School, received a scholarship of $500 each from TAMIU at a recent luncheon with TAMIU President Dr. Ray Keck. The non-transferable scholarships can be applied to any major they choose at TAMIU.

Jackie Arguidengui, associate director of Continuing Education, said the Middle School Camp provides incoming 7th, 8th and 9th graders intensive writing, vocabulary and math training during the summer. Students also participate in physical education activities.

As part of the camp, students participate in the “Pave Your Future” program. The program was created by the Continuing Education administration to encompass elements represented by the acronym, the whole “E.N.C.H.I.L.A.D.A.” It explores the importance of Exercise, Networking, Careers, Higher Education, Internet, Love, Academics Diversity and Aspirations as well as the roles they play in the future.

“Professionals from various fields are invited to speak to the students regarding their careers,” said Arguindegui, “Doctors, law enforcement professionals, teachers, architects, lawyers and many more professionals are among the speakers that present to the students.”

Arguindegui said that the program was designed to empower the students for their future and to inform them about the decisions that affect it.

In the summer of 2014, the “ScholarChips” game was introduced into the Pave Your Future program. The game was created to inform students about reality and the money it takes to attend college, Arguindegui explained.

As part of the game, students were invited to apply for the Middle School Camp Scholarship.

“The application process consisted of a completed scholarship application, cover letter, resume, essay and acquiring letters of recommendation,” Arguindegui said, “Originally, we had planned on awarding only two scholarships, but two students tied for second place, thereby pushing us to award three very well deserved and earned scholarships.”

Those interested in enrolling their children to TAMIU’s Middle School Camp or other summer camps can do so in March by visiting the Continuing Education website at tamiu.edu/college4kids

For more information, please contact the Office of Continuing Education at 326.3068, e-mail ce@tamiu.edu or visit offices located in Student Center 118.

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