Sen. Zaffirini to Lead Leadership Communication Seminar for Students
Posted: 10/30/14

Sen. Zaffirini to Lead Leadership
Communication Seminar for TAMIU Students

A select group of Texas A&M International University  (TAMIU) students have been chosen to participate in a special leadership communication seminar lead by one of the State’s top communicators…Texas Senator Dr. Judith Zaffirini.

Dubbed “ Learn the Language of Leadership,” the event takes place Monday, Nov. 10, 2014.  Students selected number about 150 and are primarily enrolled in various leadership  and leadership development classes and groups.

TAMIU vice president for Student Success, Dr. Minita Ramírez and TAMIU A. R. Sanchez, Jr. School of Business professor Dr. Jacqueline Mayfield developed the initiative to provide students with an opportunity to strengthen communication and leadership skills further.

“We think it’s a remarkable opportunity for students to see how strong communication skills are an inherent part of strong leadership.  Nobody does this better than Senator Zaffirini, whose communications skills are academically based and deployed daily to her diverse constituents.  She’s truly an example and role model to our students and they are excited to be a part of this initiative,” Dr. Ramírez said.

Dr. Zaffirini is renowned for her expertise as a leader, communications scholar and consultant.  For over 27 years, she has represented Laredo as its State Senator, leading impactful change that has advanced her district and Texas as a whole.  She holds a Ph.D. in Communication from The University of Texas at Austin, earned with an overall GPA of 3.97.

Both  seasoned professor and public speaker, she also manages her own business, Zaffirini Communications, offering training, development and consulting in communication.

Her public speaking skills and work ethic are legendary and have inspired countless others to greater success.

She is the recipient of over 760 Awards – more than 220 in communications. She has published five handbooks on communication and leadership, including  25 Dozen Tips for Better Communications and Leadership Skills.

Zaffirini previously lectured for students from around the nation who gathered at TAMIU for the Harvard Kennedy School’s Latino Leadership Initiative this summer.

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