TAMIU Professor Broncano Honored with Regents Award

TAMIU Professor Broncano Receives
Prestigious Regents Professor Award

In recent ceremonies in College Station, The Texas A&M University System Board of Regents honored 10 professors and seven fellows within the A&M System as Regents Professor or Regents Fellow for 2013-14. 

Manuel Broncano

Dr. Manuel Broncano-Rodríguez was named a 2013-2014 Regents Professor.

TAMIU professor and director of English-Spanish programs Dr. Manuel Broncano-Rodríguez was named a 2013-2014 Regents Professor. 

“The Regents Awards allow us to show our outstanding faculty and researchers that we value their contribution to the A&M System,” said Board Chairman Phil Adams, “Recipients come from different backgrounds and areas of expertise, but the common thread they have is their dedication to their professions and the A&M System.”

“This is an excellent opportunity for us to recognize the significant contributions these individuals make each day not only in the A&M System, but all over the world,” concurred A&M System Chancellor John Sharp.

The Board established the Regents Professor Award program in 1996 and Regents Fellow Service Award program in 1998 to recognize employees who have made exemplary contributions to their university or agency and Texas.

Dr. Broncano, originally from Spain, joined TAMIU in 2009. His most recent publication is the acclaimed  “Religion in Cormac McCarthy’s Fiction: Apocryphal Borderlands” (Routledge).  Reviewers have noted the book provides an erudite and judicious appraisal of how and why Cormac McCarthy inscribes religious sensibilities throughout his fiction, especially his Southwestern cycle of novels.

Broncano said he is honored by the distinction and feels humbled by scholars and scientists from the A&M System who also received the award this year.

“The United States is a great country, and I feel blessed by the opportunity it has given me to culminate my academic career at a great University in a great state and in a unique region,” Broncano said, “I owe this award to TAMIU, its students, staff and faculty. I also owe it to my late parents, Eugenio and Consuelo, who were school teachers during a tough period of Spanish history, and who instilled in me and my siblings love and respect for the academic profession.”

He said he is fortunate to have a job that fulfills his vocation.

“The award means for me a valuable recognition of the many sacrifices that this career requires and which go mostly unseen for the general eye,” Broncano said, “My daughter Lucia and my son Manuel well know of the many hours I have deprived them of my company because of professional duties. This is also their award.”

Dr. Broncano becomes one of seven TAMIU professors who have received the Regents Award since their inception in 1996.

Other recipients of the Regents Professor Award are: Dr. Nagamangala “NK” Anand, Texas A&M University and Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station; Dr. Harold P. Boas, Texas A&M; Dr. Karen S. Bradley, Texas A&M University-Kingsville; Dr. Donald R. Deis, Jr., Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi; Dr. Wen-Long (Ben) Jang, Texas A&M University-Commerce; Dr. Binayak P. Mohanty, Texas A&M and Texas A&M AgriLife Research; Dr. Jay R. Rooker, Texas A&M University at Galveston; Dr. Linda D. Schultz, Tarleton State University; and Dr. Rajan Varadarajan, Texas A&M University. 

Recipients of the Regents Fellow Service Award are: Dr. R. James Ansley, Texas A&M AgriLife Research; Carrie T. Brazeal, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service; Dr. Jean-Louis Briaud, Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station; Dr. Kay Fitzpatrick, Texas A&M Transportation Institute; Robert L. Moore, Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service; Dr. Saqib Mukhtar, AgriLife Extension; and Dr. Amy K. Swinford, Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory.

To date, 189 A&M System faculty members have been recognized with the Regents Professor Award; 110 agency professionals have received the Regents Fellow Service Award.

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