TAMIU Continuing Ed Offers Paralegal Course
Posted: 1/29/15

TAMIU Continuing Education Offers
Paralegal Course in Employment Law

Texas A&M International University’s (TAMIU) Office of Continuing Education is expanding its comprehensive paralegal training program and has added a new, 7-week online certificate course in Employment Law.

The paralegal courses are offered in partnership with The Center for Legal Studies (CLS), which has provided the most flexible and affordable paralegal training courses available since 1980. 

Start and end dates for all paralegal courses offered through TAMIU’s Office of Continuing Education are, Spring II: March 9 - April 24; Summer I: May 4 - June 19; Summer II: June 29 - August 14 and Fall: August 24 - October 9. 

Students may register up to 3 days before the start date of each class.       

Kimberly Martin Del Campo, TAMIU Continuing Education director, said employment law is a branch of contract law that deals with relationships between employers and employees.

“This course will cover statutes such as the National Labor Relations Act, the Railway Labor Act, and other various statutes dealing with public employees,” Martin Del Campo said, “Legal topics to be included are master and servant relationship, wages and hours, antidiscrimination in employment and minimum wages and maximum hours, as well as regulation of working conditions.”

Participants will learn to discuss the roots of the master-servant relationship; distinguish employment from independent contracting; distinguish employment at will from wrongful discharge; identify torts that can be brought against employers; examine discrimination in hiring; discuss accommodation in working conditions; identify labor organizations; discuss unfair labor practices; examine the structure of the National Labor Relations Act and the Railway Labor Act; identify constitutional protections against discrimination; discuss disability discrimination and accommodations and examine age discrimination in hiring and in retirement.

Paralegal skills are in strong demand, Martin Del Campo said.

“Paralegals work in all of the following areas: law firms, banking, insurance, government, military, real estate, healthcare, non-profit organizations, corporations, sole proprieties, education, and auto dealerships,” she said.

Paralegal courses offered through TAMIU are both affordable and flexible, Martin Del Campo said. 

Adult students can position themselves for a career as a paralegal in 14 weeks for only $1,289. Those interested may visit www.tamiu.edu/ce for textbook and registration information.

“The online delivery system is easy to navigate and easy to manage,” Martin Del Campo said, “Busy students are able to manage their own time, as instructors post assignments, readings and topics for discussion at the beginning of each week.”

TAMIU offers a variety of courses through CLS starting off with the most basic course, The Paralegal Certificate Course, she said.

“The online programs are what students want and what has become easy for them to handle,” Martin Del Campo said.

Courses available also include Advanced Paralegal Certificate, Victim Advocacy, Mediation, Legal Nurse Consultant, Legal Secretary, Legal Investigator, Advanced Legal Research & Writing, and Intellectual Property for Engineers.

For more information, please contact Martin Del Campo at 326.3068, e-mail kimberly.mc@tamiu.edu or visit www.tamiu.edu/ce

Journalists who need additional information or help with media requests and interviews should contact the Office of Public Relations, Marketing and Information Services at prmis@tamiu.edu