Primer on Off Campus Print Jobs

If your planned publication cannot be produced on campus, it must be produced with an external vendor after successful requisition and bidding. The Office of Public Relations, Marketing and Information Services will provide approved artwork to your vendor ONLY after receipt of a PO number from you indicating the purchase has been made according to approved purchasing guidelines.

Here are some simple guidelines that can help you to get the externally produced publication you desire.

  1. Develop your concept and copy for the proposed project in advance. Have your project approved by your chair, dean, vice president or appropriate approval channel.
  2. Have an account identified that will pay for the project.
  3. Determine when you ideally will want to have the project available for distribution and allow for one month's time for bidding and project production/delivery.
  4. Schedule an appointment with the Office of Public Relations to discuss your project, and timeline. Bring a sample of what you are envisioning if possible.
  5. Develop project in concert with PAIS and approve at regular intervals according to PAIS production schedule.
  6. Develop specs for requisition based upon final design. Specs should include finished size, paper type and weight, color process, folding, perforating and special finishes, if applicable as well as total number of units desired. If a proof copy is expected, please note. Make sure your specs are complete as they will form the basis for your requisition to Purchasing.
  7. Create requisition and submit to Purchasing for bidding. Depending on the project costs, bidding may be same day or up to 10 days or more. Clarification is available from the TAMIU Purchasing Office.
  8. Get notification of bid award from Purchasing and have them provide the name and contact information for approved vendor and PO number to PAIS.
  9. Review final copy of project one last time before PAIS sends on to vendor. Review carefully as any changes after this point will be performed at cost by the vendor. PAIS will not provide final files until approved in writing by original requestor with PO number provided.
  10. Receive final copy of publication and distribute as planned.