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TAMIU Ranked as One of Texas’ Best Online Colleges Posted: 7/27/17

TAMIU Ranked as One of Texas’ Best Online Colleges


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TAMIU ranks among best online programs in Texas. 

Why is TAMIU Ranked so Prominently among Online Colleges?

Online College Plan ranked TAMIU 10th among the top 20 Best Online Colleges in Texas. The criteria used was selective: 50% Freshman Retention Rates and 50% Graduation Rates. As TAMIU performs well in both criteria, the University earned a high berth in the ranking.

What Does That Mean to Me?

High retention and graduation rates, especially when looking at online delivery, is an indicator that TAMIU is providing high-quality degree programs…and degrees that give graduates an edge in their careers.

What Should an Online Student Anticipate?

Online students should expect the same, rich learning experience as their onsite counterparts with the additional flexibility online programs provide. In order to help ensure this, the University offers completely online or blended programs. Since 2011, TAMIU has committed to the Quality Matters program, a faculty-centered, peer review process designed to certify the quality of online and blended courses. Quality Matters courses show improved student learning outcomes and retention.

How Can Online Students Succeed?

Online students, like onsite students, must make a commitment to their course requirements, demonstrate strong time management skills, and utilize resources available to them to help them perform better.

Where Can I Read More about this Ranking?

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