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Estimated Cost of Attendance per semester
Tuition and Fees
Room and Board
Books and Supplies
$ 750
$ 750
Undergraduate tuition rate based on 2013-2014 budgets for 15 semester hours.
Based on standard suite which includes high-speed internet, cable, and a 19 meals per week meal plan.
The actual cost of books and supplies will vary depending upon curriculum.
Affordability and value are big reasons to turn to TAMIU for a quality education. TAMIU’s Office
of Financial Aid is dedicated to serving students and parents by providing them with information
to secure the necessary financial resources to meet their educational goals and financial
obligations to the University.
Funding can include:
1. Scholarships – Money based on academic ability and financial need.
2. Grants – Typically do not have to be paid back and are provided by the federal or state government.
3. Loans – Borrowedmoney that has to be paid back over a period of time after you leave school.
4. Work- study – Money you can earn by working at a part-time job at the institution.
1. Apply for a PIN online a
2. Complete the financial aid application online a
In order to facilitate your financial aid application process, ensure to have the following:
a. Your most recent Federal Income Tax Return andW-2 form(s), if applicable.
b. Your parent’s most recent Federal Income Tax Return andW-2 form(s), if applicable.
c. Other untaxed income records such as Social Security benefits, TANF, welfare, and/or
Veteran’s benefit records.
d. TAMIU’s Federal School Code is: 009651
3. Once your FAFSA is submitted, make sure to check your application status online. The application usually
takes 7 – 10 business days to process if completed and signed electronically.
4. Follow up with your TAMIU Rep to inquire about submitting further documentation to the University
and accept awards.
Scholarship Opportunities:
D.D. Hachar Honors Program Scholarship
Must be bonafide residents of Webb County, have an Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) not
exceeding $85,000 per year, minimum SAT score of 1100/1600 or ACT score of 24 and be
ranked in the top 5% of high school graduating class.
First Time Freshman Scholarship
Must have a minimum SAT score of 1020/1600 or ACT score of 22 or be ranked in the top
25% of high school class.
Applying for financial aid is easy! Follow these steps and you will be on your way to financially securing your
education at TAMIU!