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The Class Giving Campaign was started by students, for students in 2016 by the Student Philanthropy Council as a way to (1) inspire students to give back to their alma mater and (2) help other students graduate by alleviating their financial stress.  Students are asked to donate $25.  In return, they earn their Philanthropy Cord.



Using the funds donated, the SPC has created an endowed scholarship.  Endowed scholarships are everlasting and begin to accumulate interest which can then be used as scholarships to award selected recipients. Our endowment currently sits at $33,000, and the SPC has thus far awarded 8 $1,000 scholarships to deserving students.




Over 1,700 TAMIU students have donated to the Class Giving Campaign since 2016.  Thanks to their generosity this campaign has seen tremendous success.  We are estimated to surpass $50,000 in donations before the end of 2020.



You can support this movement by making a gift.  Your donation goes to a well-deserving TAMIU student who, like yourself, is also trying to graduate and obtain their degree.  By making your donation, you help make TAMIU more affordable, you pay it forward, and you give back.

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Once you've made your gift, you can pick up your Philanthropy Cord in KLM 261


What is the class Giving Campaign?

The Class Giving Campaign (CGC) is a student-led campaign focused on inspiring philanthropy within the graduating TAMIU class. It was started by the Student Philanthropy Council for one very simple reason: Dustdevils need help obtaining their degree.  Using the idea that we can count on one another and help each other succeed, the CGC was kicked off in 2016.  Every year, participation rates have increased at a growing, record-breaking pace.


Does my small contribution even make a difference?

Yes! In just three short years, students have contributed over $40,000 to support an endowed scholarship.  If every graduating student in the class of 2019 made their gift, the total would amount to over $18,500.  That's more than two full-ride scholarships to TAMIU.  Don't underestimate your ability to impact your university -- every gift matters. 


Why should I give back when I already paid tuition and fees OR TOOK OUT LOANS?

Your cost of attendance is not a true representation of a TAMIU education.  In fact, you are only paying about a fifth of the true cost of tuition and fees.  The remaining majority is covered through grants and generous donations made to the university.  Even if you're paying out of pocket or you took out loans, TAMIU gifts significantly reduce your cost of attendance. 


I have other philanthropic priorities other than TAMIU.

When you give to TAMIU, you are investing in the leaders that can help solve the issues that you are passionate about.  TAMIU develops future educators, nonprofit leaders, social changemakers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, and more.  A gift of any size makes a difference and contributes heavily to university rankings in terms of participation rates.

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