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Student philanthropy = students helping students.

Here are just a few ways your fellow Dustdevils have your back...


Students giving back to students

The Student Philanthropy Council and Student Philanthropy Ambassadors have raised over $40,000 to support programs and scholarships at TAMIU.

Acts of kindness

SPC has given away free midterm and finals goodie bags that contain a scantron, pencil, water bottle, granola bar, and an inspirational quote to help students dust stress off.

Empowering others

Students support the Class Giving Campaign, an initiative started by students, for students, which has generated over $30,000 since 2016.


Student philanthropy has long-term effects at TAMIU that not only help your current classmates succeed but future Dustdevil generations as well.

It's important to give back because there are already so many others who give and have your back.

$ sign = the total cost of attending TAMIU

Green = your tuition and fees on UConnect

Maroon = symbolizes the remaining percentage that your tuition and fees do not cover

Where does the rest come from? A great portion comes from donors.

Thanks to generous donations and grants, students at TAMIU only pay


of the total cost of attendance.

we have your back


If TAMIU was not able to rely on donations and grants, the semester would have to end on Sept. 18 



Almost 50% of TAMIU faculty and staff make automatic donations bi-weekly or monthly to support you 


TAMIU Alumni have given over $250,000 to scholarships, programs, and more, to empower students like you


Average gifts range from $5 to $25. Every gift matters.


39% of #GivingTuesday donors were students.


In 2018, 1 out of every 2 graduating students participated in the Class Giving Campaign



 The Council and the Ambassadors are separate student groups but work together in raising awareness on the importance of philanthropy at TAMIU and inspiring students to give back

Student Philanthropy Council

Student Philanthropy Ambassadors

What's the difference?


 There are several opportunities that students have to give back to TAMIU. It starts with Penny Wars in the fall and ends with the Class Giving Campaign in the spring. Depending on the event, students are asked to donate anywhere from $0.01 to $25.

Annual Events


 We depend on one another to create philanthropic awareness on campus, and you don't have to be an SPC'er or Ambassador to do that. Simply posting about the Class Giving Campaign on the Student Network, sharing on Facebook, liking our Instagram posts, and connecting with us (in person or online) helps tremendously.

annual events


Penny Wars: Oct. 7-11, 2019

TAMIU Giving Day: Nov. 18, 2019

Class Giving Campaign (ongoing)


Random Acts of Kindness Week: TBD

Student Philanthropy Week: TBD

Class Giving Campaign (ongoing)


Q1: What's the difference between SPC and SPA? 

A1: Ultimately, it depends on the events that each organization does.  SPC was founded in fall 2015, so their traditions are more established on campus (Penny Wars, Class Giving Campaign, RAK Week, etc.).  The Ambassadors were created in fall 2018, so their traditions are still being developed. Both groups work together and have several events throughout the year when they do/ will collaborate. (They also have fun socials, together too!)

Q2: Do I have to be a donor or a fundraiser to get in SPC or SPA? 

A2: No, but you do need to have a love for TAMIU and its community (that's something that simply cannot be taught).

Q3: When can I join SPC/SPA?


SPA recruits at the start of every semester (fall/ spring)

SPC recruits only at the end of every spring semester

Q4: I have a more specific question, who can I contact?

A4: You can contact Development Officer Jackelyne K. Briseño via email or at 956.326.2170.

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