Academic Affairs Procedures and Forms

  For inquiries, please contact Martha Esparza at mesparza@tamiu.edu  or Marty Perez at marthae.perez@tamiu.edu



TAMIU Rules and Procedures


Rule 12.03.99.L1: Faculty Academic Workload Requirements

Rule 32.01.01.L0.01: Faculty Complaint and Appeal Process


Banner Links

Full-time Faculty Information Form: https://wvlfforms.tamiu.edu/Forms/bannerfacultyinformation
Adjunct Faculty Information Form: https://wvlfforms.tamiu.edu/Forms/banneradjunctfacultyinformation


Request to Offer Low-Enrollment Organized Classes 
Faculty Development Leave
Faculty Release Request Form
Catalog Change Proposal
HB 2504 Syllabus Template
HB 2504 CV Template
Annual Faculty Evaluation Summary Form   
University Approval for Course Adoption of Faculty-Developed Materials
Recommendation Form for Faculty to Use Faculty-Developed Books or Materials
FY 2021 External Employment Disclosure Form
FOR FACULTY: System Faculty Consulting and External Professional Employment Application and Approval Form  
Teaching NonFaculty Employees
Request to Teach 

Faculty Search Process

Guidelines for Faculty Searches
Faculty Recruitment Travel Estimation
Faculty Request For Interview
Faculty Course Credentialing Note: An email with a copy of the final approved form will route to the one who submits the form. If the form is denied, an email will be sent to the person who submits the form with notes and a new form will need to be submitted. Attachments: Supporting documents will need to be sent in a separate email for now. 
Procedure to Hire Graduate Students and Adjunct Faculty

Overload Forms

Compensation for Teaching
Request for Overload Payment 


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