High School Intramurals

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General Information

TAMIU High School Intramurals is a collaboration of efforts between, ECHS, STEM, and TAMIU Rec Sports! This initiative allows the students of both campuses to participate in a variety of sports in a fun and recreational environment. Our goal is to provide a healthy outlet for students to relieve stress, socialize in an energetic environment, and simply just have fun. We believe that participating in intramural sports isn't just good for the fun of it -- it allows you to reap the rewards for your health, social life, and even academic pursuits. The greatest part of intramurals is the memories and friendships you make. These memories will live on with you and your friends for a lifetime.


For more information contact:

Recreational Sports Specialist: Ivan Cano 

Email: ivan.cano@tamiu.edu

(956) 326 - 3013

High School Intramural Schedule

Table reads "Indoor volleyball; deadline December 5 by 5 PM



Play Begins

6v6 Volleyball

Co-Ed 8 teams Double Elimination
Women's 8 Teams Single Elimination
Men's 4 Teams Single Elimination 

Dec 13 & 16

7v7 Flag-Football 

Male 8 Team Single Elimination 

Dec 17

5v5 Dodgeball 

Open- 12 Team Double Elimination

Dec 18 





Registration Process Checklist

  1. Fill out and obtain appropriate signatures on the Sport Registration Form.
  2. Have each person on the team fill out the Waiver form and Model Release form. (Everyone under the age of 18 must have a parent/legal guardian sign the forms)
  3. Submit the forms to Recreational Sports Specialist, Ivan Cano before the deadline. (Deadlines can be found under the schedule tab and in the sport registration form)

Please keep in mind it is the team captain's responsibility to ensure the information submitted on all forms are correct and valid. Incomplete or improper entries may result in a team's ineligibility or forfeiture.



6v6 Volleyball

7V7 Flag-Football 




Who is eligible to participate in Intramural Events?

Currently enrolled Early College students and STEM students.

Can I name my team anything?

Team names must be approved by Recreational Specialist Bernardo Zebadua.

Can I still sign up after the deadline?

NO teams will not be allowed to register after the deadline.

Can I play on more than one team?

NO, players are only allowed to play on one team per sport. 

Can ECHS and STEM players make a team together?

YES! Students are allowed to form a team together. 

What attire is appropriate?

Only athletic attire is permitted. NO TOMS, Five Finger shoes, or sandals will be allowed.

Can a team be eliminated from play at any time?

Yes, they can be eliminated for the following reasons: low sportsmanship grade, and any other violations of rules or policies.