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Frequently Asked Questions

1.) How do I obtain a copy of my DD 214?

You may visit to request your DD 214.

2.) How do I obtain a copy of my Transcripts?

For the ARMY you may visit

For the Navy & Marine Corps (SMART Transcripts) you may visit

For the Air Force (CCAF Transcripts) you may visit

For the Coast Guard (CGI Transcripts) you may visit

3.) How do I change or set-up Direct Deposit of my education benefits?
Remember direct deposit is only available for Chapter 30 and Chapter 1606 recipients. To enroll in direct deposit, please do one of the following:
  • Login to WAVE (or create an account if you are a new user). On the WAVE homepage,

    click on the link that says "Direct Deposit Enrollment Form". This form can be submitted

    electronically, or you can print-out a hard copy and mail it to VARO at:                                  

    VA Regional Office

    P.O. Box 8888

    Muskogee, OK 74402-8888

  • Or you may call the direct deposit center at 1-877-838-2778       

4.) May I transfer my benefits?
Each branch of the military has the sole discretion to determine whether that service will allow the transfer of benefits to dependents. Currently, the only branch of the military to allow transferability of benefits is the Army.

For information about the Army MGIB Transferability Program, please click here.

Please contact your military branch for more information. VA has no authority on this matter.

5.) Can I be eligible for two or more education benefits?
Yes, you may be eligible for more than one VA education benefit program. However, you may only receive payments from one program at a time. You can receive a maximum of 48 months of benefits under any combination of VA education programs you qualify for.