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           The Texas A&M International University Faculty Handbook (hereafter Faculty Handbook) is the document wherein all parties may find the policies, procedures, rules and regulations that govern the role of the faculty within the University community, and the relationships of the faculty with other members of the University community and its stakeholders.

            The Faculty Handbook serves as a basis for faculty employment contracts, and as such provides each faculty member with the basic rules of employment for Texas A&M International University faculty.

            A copy of the Faculty Handbook will be provided to each faculty member.  Copies are available on the University’s website, in the Library, as well as in the offices of the Provost / Vice-President of Academic Affairs, of the Deans of each college, and of each department chair’s office.  The Secretary of the Faculty Senate, under the supervision of the President of the Faculty Senate, will be responsible for the maintenance of the Faculty Handbook and distribution of revisions.

            Archival copies of the Faculty Handbook, reflecting previous versions and changes, are kept in Killam Library.  Appendix A to this document lists the substantive changes made from the previous (2008-2009) edition.


Faculty Handbook Revision Process

            Any member of the University community may propose to the Faculty Senate additions, deletions, or revisions to the Faculty Handbook.  The Faculty Senate will review the Faculty Handbook and by a majority vote of the Senate recommend to the faculty changes to the document.

            Each separate addition, deletion, or revision to the Faculty Handbook must be approved by a vote of the faculty within 60 calendar days of having been endorsed by the Faculty Senate.  With the exception of issues related directly to changes in faculty self-governance (specifically, Articles II, III, and IV of the Faculty Constitution; see Appendix B), all changes to the Faculty Handbook that have been approved by a vote of the faculty also require the endorsement of the President of the University before they can be implemented.

            The Secretary of the Faculty Senate will maintain an official copy of the most recent, approved revision of the Faculty Handbook and will make it available in print and electronic form to the University community.

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