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Freshman Leadership Organization

Program Overview

The Freshman Leadership Organization program was created in conjunction with the Walmart Growing What Works Semillas Grant in 2009, and is designed for first time freshman of TAMIU. The program requires students to attend specified activities and events that will allow them to get acquainted with the University.

FLO provides first-time freshman the opportunity to learn the basic leadership practices and how to apply them. The program is designed in a lecture/discussion format and includes engaging activities throughout the year. The program helps students take an introspective glimpse at their own abilities and guides them to build upon their strengths and weaknesses in order to be an effective student leader at the University and within their community.

Why Join FLO?


The Freshman Leadership Organization is committed to provide an enriching program that enhances the strengths of ambitious students, to develop proactive and exemplary leaders. The organization strives to maximize leadership skills, while encouraging moral ethics to positively influence our society and build a better world.

Qualifications and Eligibility

Students interested in being a part of the Freshman Leadership Organization (FLO) are expected to have attended New Student Orientation: Dusty Camp and be available to meet on a periodic basis to discuss involvement opportunities and develop leadership skills.
  • Be a high school graduate.
  • Be enrolled full-time for the fall and spring semester of your first year at TAMIU.
  • Be committed to getting involved on campus.
  • Achieve a 3.0 gpa during the first semester of your academic studies at the University.
  • Be able to attend a leadership retreat during the pre-designated date during the fall semester.

Freshman Leadership Organization Application


Related Institutional Goals/Principles

Imperative 1: Students
1.1 Attract and admit a diverse and international student body.
  1.2 Increase enrollment, retention, and graduation rates.
  1.3 Prepare students for successful leadership roles.
  1.4 Engage students in activities that enrich their lives.
  1.5 Provide programs and services that support established student outcomes.
  1.6 Increase participation of students in study abroad programs
Imperative 3: Teaching and Learning 3.1 Establish and pursue student learning outcomes appropriate for each program and engage in systematic assessment and use of results for continuous quality improvement.
Undergraduate Learning Principle 1: Respective and Expressive Communication Skills
Undergraduate Learning Principle 3: Integration and Application of Knowledge
Undergraduate Learning Principle 4: Understanding Society and Culture
Undergraduate Learning Principle 5: Appreciating Values and Ethics


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