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The TAMIU Trailblazers program is a co-curricular leadership initiative that serves as a student’s road map to success.  The Trailblazers program enables registered TAMIU students to access co-curricular programs that compliment what a student is learning in the classroom.  Engagement in the TAMIU Trailblazers program assists students in being more prepared for the ever-changing global market and become more competitive in the world of work and graduate studies.

The activities for the TAMIU Trailblazers program are divided into five learning dimensions; Career Development, Civic Leadership, Global Perspective, Health and Wellness and Personal.  Each of the dimensions has three levels of engagement; Entering Stage, Engagement Stage and the Leadership Stage.  The curriculum works as a guide to direct students along the path of student success.  A student’s progress through the stages is tracked and displayed on a personal progress screen that can then be printed on behalf of the University as a Co-curricular Transcript.  Students who complete the entire curriculum will receive recognition for their achievement upon graduation from TAMIU.

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Career Development Dimension

Career Development Dimension

The goal of the Career Development experience is to have the ability to enter and succeed within the world of work.  Career Development activities offer students the opportunity to develop skills that are useful in the workplace. 

After successfully completing this dimension, students will be able to develop a correlation between their academic program and career aspirations, provide occasions for growth and application of one’s talents, and have tools necessary to compete in a global workforce.

Civic Leadership Dimension

Civic Leadership Dimension

The goal of Civic Leadership is for a student to embrace and value one’s role as an informed and engaged citizen.  Civic Leadership activities give students an opportunity to make a difference in society by contributing their talents, while learning how to relate to others. 

After successfully completing this dimension, students will develop a combination of knowledge, skills, values and motivation to make a difference, and enhance personal interests and abilities by serving others.

Global Perspective Dimension

Global Perspective Dimension

The goal of the Global Perspective experience is to gain critical insight, experiences and skills to engage in a global society.  Global Perspective activities expand on a student’s cultural growth.  These activities will give students cultural immersion opportunities and the ability to gain valuable practical life and work experiences. 

After successfully completing this dimension, students will gain a cultural understanding beyond their own, embrace the similarities and differences between cultures, and develop an appreciation for all.

Health and Wellness Dimension

Health and Wellness Dimension

The goal of the Health and Wellness experience is to be active in identifying and balancing a healthy physical lifestyle. Health and Wellness activities expand students' horizons physically, emotionally and/or spiritually.

After successfully completing this dimension, students will be able to understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the role it plays in being successful at the University and beyond.

Personal Enrichment Dimension

Personal Enrichment Dimension

The goal of the Personal Enrichment experience is to be active in identifying and balancing intellectual, interpersonal and physical pursuits.  Personal Enrichment activities expand students’ horizons intellectually, physically, socially, culturally, emotionally and/or spiritually. 

After successfully completing this dimension, students will gain an understanding of involvement opportunities, develop leadership potential, and become well-rounded individuals.


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