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Never Stop Walking

2019-2020 Resource Guide

This year's book suggests a wide array of themes and topics that can serve as jumping off points for your program.

Here are just a few to get you started:

  • Family
  • Sacrifice
  • Mental Health 
  • International Adoption
  • Poverty
  • Identity
  • Human Rights
  • Family History and Storytelling
  • Culture Crash
  • Prejudice and Discrimination 


Book Discussion Questions

  1. What evidence is there for/against international adoption?

  2. How does the treatment of those with mental health issues in Brazil compare to the US?

  3. Now that the author knows her mother is alive, does she have a responsibility to support her financially?

  4. What fundamental problems exist in Brazil that leads to poverty and the existence of favelas?

  5. What impact does the time/setting change from chapter to chapter have on your experience as a reader? How would you characterize the transformation that takes place in the author’s narrative voice throughout the story?

  6. What was your impression of the separation, both geographic and cultural, that Rickardsson has with her surviving family? Do you sympathize with her eventual desire to assimilate into Swedish culture, or had you expected her to be more aggressive about pursuing her family relationships earlier on?

  7. With poverty and mental health issues a reality of life for people all over the world both past and present, how does one draw the line as to which means are ethical and unethical for coping with it? Did the adoption agency do the right thing in keeping Christina from her mother?

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Program Ideas

If you would like to create a service-learning project to support learning regarding the book, please contact the Service-Learning Center located in Senator Judith Zaffirini Student Success Center 223. 

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