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    Some of the baby items confiscated at Auschwitz. This showcase was my breaking point.
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    One of the many pools of water required, in case of fire, by the insurance company that insured the Auschwitz- Birkenau camps. What kind of company would insure such a place?
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    One of the rolling balls used to level the ground. Some of the cruelest SS officers would throw prisoners under it to kill them just for fun.
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    Toilets, which had to be cleaned by hand. Some prisoners would volunteer for this duty because it gave them a opportunity to pray and worship without Nazi survailance.
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    Nothing but electrical fences, guardposts, and trees in the distance in whichever direction you chose to look in. It was hopeless to think of ever escaping.
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    The end of the tracks.This was the final destination for the trains bringing the overcrowded shipments of prisoners.
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    A memorial plaque
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    On their arrival from Auschwitz, most Jews were sent by the SS for immediate death in the gas chambers. However, they were often forced to wait their turn in this clump of trees if the gas chambers were in use at the time.

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