Appendix D: Weapons
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Appendix D: Weapons Rule

34.06.02.L1 WEAPONS

 Last Updated: New August 17, 2006

Supplements: System Regulation 34.06.02 Firearms


In accordance with Texas Penal Code Chapter 46, firearms and other prohibited weapons [as defined in Texas Penal Code 46.05 (a)] are not permitted on the Texas A&M International University campus, University vehicles, or on the grounds on which an activity sponsored by the University is being conducted.


Exceptions to this prohibition include licensed peace officers when performing duties as employees or when otherwise authorized by the President, or the President's designee. All conditions set forth in the administration of this Rule will be in accordance with Texas Penal Code Chapter 46.


3.1 Should circumstances exist as a result of assigned job duties which dictate the necessity for possession of a weapon in a University facility, vehicle, or on the grounds on which an activity is sponsored by the University, written authorization must be secured prior to such occurrence.

3.2 Written request for possession and/or use of firearms and/or other weapons shall include:

3.2.1 specific use(s) related to job function;

3.2.2 identification of the type of weapon and associated serial number;

3.2.3 dates specifying the time frame of request;

3.2.4 evidence of applicable license held by applicant; and

3.2.5 documentation of recent criminal history check.

3.3 The written request shall be routed to the President, or designee, for approval. Upon approval, copies of the authorized document are to be maintained in the individual’s personnel file maintained in the Office of Human Resources as well as the University Police Department.


Failure to comply with this Rule may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination. An employee who violates any of the weapons laws will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency and will be subject to prosecution accordance to the laws of the State of Texas.


Vice President for Finance & Administration