OPT Reporting Form
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Student and Emplyoer Contact Information

Effective immediately, the SEVIS database requires updated employment information on F-1 students who have been authorized for Optional Practical Training (OPT). Students must report the name and location of their employer, as well as any time without active employment. Under continuous F-1 status, you must also report any changes to your residential address, name or citizenship. Updates must be reported within 10 days of any change. The form below will allow you to submit these details easily and quickly! Please use it as often as necessary to make sure the ISS has your most current information. It will be particularly important to update new employment information quickly if you are accruing unemployment.

Please direct any questions on this form or additional information required to our ISS mailbox at: iss@tamiu.edu.

Instructions for completing this form: When submitting information on your OPT employment, select the best category below for your "Type of Employment" and follow the instructions listed. Please use the "Employment Dates" fields to provide clarification on your actual employment activities. If you apply for a Change of Status to H- 1B, it will also be important to provide those details to the ISS for tracking purposes. Copies of your Receipt Notice or Approval Notice may be scanned and sent to iss@tamiu.edu or faxed to 956-326-2279.

"Type of Employment" Description & Instructions
Single Employer Provide your employer's name and address.
Multiple Employers Identify your primary employer and/or location and provide those details below. All other employers should be listed in an email to the ISS.
Self-Employed List your company's name or print "Self-Employed" and the business address. This location may be the same as your personal address, if appropriate.
Self-Employed in Performing Arts (short-term gigs) List your occupation for Employer Name and leave the address empty. Additionally, you must provide a list of recent gigs & performances to the ISS by email.
None - Actively
Seeking Employment
If you don't have a job yet, select this option and leave the other fields blank. You must be actively looking for employment directly related to your degree. ATTENTION: Periods of unemployment are limited and could result in a termination of your remaining OPT & F-1 status. Students authorized for 12 months are limited to cumulative 90-days without work; Students authorized for the extension to 29 months are limited to a total of 120 days.

If you will no longer maintain your OPT & F-1 status through the TAMIU, you must use our Student Departure Form to notify the ISS. This is appropriate for anyone who will return to their home country without using their entire OPT period, who has obtained a different immigration status in the U.S., or will begin a new program of study at another institution. Please print this form and send it to the ISS.

Please update this information within 10 days of any changes!