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If you or a friend is a survivor of an act of sexual violence the following may serve as a resouce for receiving and connecting to services.

Immediately Get to a Safe Place - You should seek a safe location such as an apartment/house, residence hall or a trusted friend or relative.

Contact 911 - In addition, the you may choose to file a report with the University Police Department. The University Police Department is located at Killam Library, suite 005, their phone number is (956) 326-2100. The police may conduct an investigation based on potential criminal activity related to the situation you reported, but please be aware that a police investigation is not the same as an investigation through the Office of Student Affairs. You may also choose to initiate an independent legal action for damages against the accused. You will need to obtain legal counsel for this action.

Get medical attention as soon as possible Your health and safety is the most important. A doctor or nurse can check for injuries that may no be visible and can treat you for possible sexually transmitted infections. Hospital staff may also perform a sexual assault exam to collect evidence. This exam can be completed even if you choose not to involve the police and file a report at this time. The survivor may also elect to go to the survivor’s own family care physician for medical assessment and treatment. Medical professionals may call law enforcement because an adult patient they are treating has been sexually assaulted (if the victim is a minor they must call the police).

Preserve Evidence – If you think you might want to have a sexual assault examination, you should do your best to preserve evidence. Do not shower, bathe, eat, drink, wash your hands, or brush your teeth until after the exam. If you believe you were drugged, you should wait to urinate until arriving at the hospital. However, if you cannot wait, to collect your first urine at a local medical facility, you should collect urine in a clean container with a lid and take it to the emergency room or police station.

Write it Down - Although it may be difficult you should try to write down as much information about the circumstance of the incident including a description of the respondent.

Seek free, confidential counseling at Student Counseling Services located in the Senator Judith Zaffirni Student Success Center, suite, 138 at 956-326-2230.

Utilize Campus Resources – You may visit Student Health Services located in Student Center, suite 125 or by calling (956) 326-2235. The Office of Student Affairs may also be able to connect you to additional services available.

Notify the Office of Student Affairs – Once a student notifies the Office of Student Affairs information will be shared and victims will be assisted in connecting to on and off campus resources and navigating through various processes. If the alleged respondent is a member of the University community the Office of Student Affairs will initiate an investigation to ensure the action stops and the safety of the University community is maintained. The victim will be informed of the outcome.

Protective Orders - In addition to the option of pressing criminal charges against a respondent, the survivor may apply for a legal order of protection from a court. A protective order protects victims of dating violence by ordering the respondent not to commit further acts of violence against the survivor; not to harass, threaten, annoy, alarm, abuse, torment, or embarrass the survivor; not to communicate with the survivor in a threatening or harassing manner; and to stay away from the survivor’s residence, work, or school.

An application for a protective order is free. If the survivor is 18 years old or older, the survivor can seek a protective order for themselves. If the survivor is under 18, the survivor can have any adult apply for one on their behalf. To apply for a protective order for dating violence, the respondent must be someone s/he are dating, or someone s/he used to date; and s/he must have physically harmed the survivor, or attempted or threatened to physically harm the survivor. The application for a protective order must be filed in the county in which the survivor or the respondent lives. The court will grant a protective order once the survivor proves that dating violence has occurred and that it is likely to occur again.

Should the survivor choose to seek out a protective order the survivor may apply for one through the Domestic Violence Unit at the Webb-Zapata County District Attorney at 956-523-4900.



On-Campus Resources

Office of Student Affairs

Student Center 226



TAMIU Student Handbook


Office of Student Conduct & Community Engagement

Student Center 226



Office of the Vice President for Student Success

Zaffirini Student Success Center 225



Student Health Services

Student Center 125



Student Counseling Services (Confidential)

Zaffirini Student Success Center 138



University Police Department

Killam Library 005


Off-Campus Resources

Laredo Police Investigator Michelle Hinojosa
National Domestic Violence Hotline
Hearing Impaired
Family Violence Legal Line
Family Law Hotline
1-800-777-FAIR, (512)476-1866
Family Law Hotline
1-888-296-SAFE, (512)225-9290


Casa de Misericordia Shelter
Emergency Runaway Shelter (SCAN)

TAMIU Services:

Student Counseling Services
Student Health Services

Social Service Organizations:

Casa de Misericordia (Non-Residential Services Domestic Violence Information and Guidanc)

Catholic Social Services
Abuse of Elderly or Disabled Adults
Child Protective Services
Salvation Army
Suicide Crisis Hotline
Border Region (MHMR)

Local Legal Assistance:

District Attorney’s Office - Protective Orders & Domestic Violence Unit

Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid

Laredo Law Center (Legal Services for low income applicants for divorce)




5201 University Boulevard, Laredo, TX 78041-1900 Work956.326.2100