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Survivor's Rights

As described in Article 11 of the Student Handbook Texas A&M International University will work diligently to provide the following.

Provide the survivor with information related to victim advocacy, academic support, counseling, disability, health or mental health services, and legal assistance both on and off campus.

Inform the survivor of the right to report a crime to campus or local law enforcement and provide the survivor with assistance if the survivor wishes to do so.

The survivor is not required to participate in any University investigation or disciplinary proceeding.

The survivor shall not be required to attend the student conduct conference.

The survivor shall have the opportunity to submit an impact statement detailing the alleged consequences suffered by the survivor.

The survivor has the right to be assisted by an advisor s/he chooses, at his/her own expense.

Attorneys, counselors, and advisors are not permitted to represent any student at an administrative conference. However, an advisor may be present but may not speak at an administrative conference. A request for an advisor to be present must be done so in writing a minimum of three (3) days before the scheduled administrative conference.

Students who are charged in the same fact pattern, or who are not in good standing with the University, are not eligible to serve as an advisor at administrative conferences.

The survivor is responsible for presenting his/her own information. A student should select an advisor whose schedule allows attendance at the scheduled date and time for the administrative conference. Administrative conferences will not typically be delayed due to scheduling conflicts of an advisor. There is no restriction on who a student may consult or seek advice from, the restriction pertains to the administrative conference only.

The survivor shall have the opportunity to request immediate on- campus housing relocation (based on available space), transfer of classes or other steps to prevent unnecessary or unwanted contact or proximity to the accused student, when such contact is likely to place the survivor in danger of bodily injury and/or cause the survivor severe emotional distress.

The survivor, or surviving family member if the survivor dies as a result of the alleged misconduct, shall be informed of the outcome of the administrative conference.

The proceedings and outcome of all administrative conferences are considered confidential information in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. Such information should not be otherwise re-disclosed. (DCL page 14)

The survivor shall have the right to not have her/his past behavioral history discussed during the student conduct conference. Questions of relevancy shall be determined by the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs/Title IX Deputy Coordinator or designee.

In administrative conferences which may result in a University mandated separation from the University for the accused student, there shall be a single verbatim record, such as a tape or digital recording, of all administrative conferences before a Student Conduct Administrator. Deliberations shall not be recorded. The record shall be the property of the University.

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