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Exchange Students

Welcome exchange students! If you have an interest in attending TAMIU, first check with your home institution in regards to our partnership and application criteria.  We cannot accept exchange students that not have been nominated by their home institution.  Once you have been nominated we ask that you submit following documents by the recommended deadline of 1 April if applying for fall semester/full academic year or 1 October if applying for a spring semester.

Application Form Filled out completely and signed.

Transcript Include a current transcript from the college or university you currently attend.  This cannot be an internet printed transcript.

Proof of English Proficiency

  • English track majors:  iBT TOEFL score of 61 or higher certified by home institution
  • Non English track majors: An official ETS TOEFL score of 61 iBT or higher*
  • English Literature majors:  An official ETS TOEFL score of 79 iBT or higher*

*TAMIU’s ETS code is 6838

Meningitis Form  Please read and sign form.  IMPORTANT: All students enrolled at TAMIU must provide proof of meningitis immunization prior to arrival to Student Health Services. For more information visit Student Health Services.

Passport Submit one copy of your passport.

Bank Statement Certifying the sponsor to have at least US $6,713 for undergraduate students and US $6,904 for graduate students (one semester exchange, stated in US currency), or US $13,399 for undergraduate students and US $13,769 for graduate students (two semester exchange, stated in US currency) dated within six month of the first enrollment according to the following dates: Fall Semester, January 1 or later, Spring Semester, May 1 or later.  Bank statement must be issued on bank letter head with original signature.

Sponsor Letter Written by the party who will financially support the applicant during the pursuit of study.  The letter should certify the sponsor’s commitment to pay the educational, living, health, and personal expenses of the applicant until completion of the exchange program.  A sponsor may be the student, student’s parents or a third party organization.  The sponsor’s letter must be dated within six months of the first enrollment according to dates listed below on bank statement requirement and be signed by the sponsor. (A sample is provided here.)

Admitted and Pre-Arrival
To learn more about pre-arrival arrangments (orientation, on-campus housing, check-in etc) click here. Our Arrival Guide for Exchange Students (including ISEP students) will provide further details to assist you with your transition into TAMIU. 

Course Registration and Course Books/Materials
Exchange students WILL NOT be able to register on-line.  Rather we ask that you communiate your course registration request through email.  Once accepted you will be contacted by our Office in regards to the course registration process. 

To start identifying potential courses we advise you of following.  Visit UConnect or the Schedule for the latest published schedule of courses for the upcoming semester (Spring courses are typically listed by mid-November, and Fall courses are typically listed by mid-April). If you are an undergraduate student, you must select courses that start with the digits 1, 2, 3, or 4 (1 being the 1st year of studies, 2 being the 2nd year, and so on). Most incoming undergraduate students will select courses starting with a 3 or 4, since that is when US university courses start to specialize in a certain studies area. Graduate students must select courses that start with the digit 5. Please ensure that you meet any pre-requisites that the course may offer.  Undergraduate students must enroll for a minimum of 4 courses, maximum of 5. Graduate students must enroll for a minimum of 3 courses, and a maximum of 4.

Students must purchase study books in the US, which can be quite expensive. You should budget about $500 for books per long semester. You may be able to re-sell these books at the end of the semester to the bookstore or other students.

International Student Mentor Program
ISMP is a peer support activity program which helps international students integrate at TAMIU. We schedule several activies where you will be paired with local students, such as grocery trips, familiarization with public transportation, and other social activities to make you feel welcome.  Your participation in this program will enhance your experience at TAMIU, and is a lot of fun!  All exchange students are automatically entered into the International Student Mentoring Program, however we strongly recommend that you complete an application, so we can best match you with your mentor.  Click here to start your application.