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International Student Mentors Program (ISMP)

ISMP is a peer support activity program which helps with the assimilation process of new international students to TAMIU and South Texas. After being accepted to TAMIU, students receive a Texas size welcome and support from ISMP members in the form of pre-arrival interaction via e-mail or social networks, orientation activities at the beginning of the semester, and general support throughout the semester.

Each new international student participating will be assigned a student mentor. These mentors are fellow TAMIU students who will use their personal time to help new students adjust to their new environment and with the cultural transitions. ISMP provides activities during the first three weeks of the semester and will assist in the transition to the Association of International Students (AIS) and other student organizations that will set students on their way to a successful and active semester.

Preferred Qualifications and Eligibility

International Student Mentor Responsibilities
Maintain personal communication via e-mail with international students at least once a week for several weeks prior to their arrival Support international students during their first two weeks at TAMIU Participate in the International Student Services (ISS) orientation and welcome events.

Foreign Student Responsibilities
Be responsive to mentor e-mails and provide details about arrival and activities' participation Exercise patience and open-mindedness towards their mentor(s) Communicate any concerns in a respectful and constructive manner

Approximate Time Commitment
One (1) hour for pre-arrival online communication (e-mail)
Eight (8) hours arrival assistance during the week of August 16th (airport pick-up, dorms, grocery/errand shopping, orientation)
One (1) hour for the first three weeks to check-in with international students
Four (4) hours in September for Café du Monde and Student Government Association (SGA) welcome dinner

Sophomore or higher classification
Attend training to become an International Student Mentor
Effective communication skills (group and individual situations)
Culturally sensitive and respectful of varying life styles, norms and values
Commitment to be objective and not to promote any political or religious organization

Benefits to International Student Mentors
Join a globally-minded community
Gain insight on diverse cultural values and world views
Practice leadership behavior
Enhance your resume - you will receive a certificate you can use in your professional portfolio
Personal enrichment and fun

Click HERE to start your application. By submitting this application you grant permission to share your contact information with International Student Mentor participants.

Related Institutional Goals/Principles

Imperative 1: Students 1.1 Attract and admit a diverse and international student body.
  1.2 Increase enrollment, retention, and graduation rates.
  1.3 Prepare students for successful leadership roles.
  1.4 Engage students in activities that enrich their lives.
  1.5 Provide programs and services that support established student outcomes.
  1.6 Increase participation of students in study abroad programs.
Imperative 5: Service 5.1 Expand collaborative service, volunteerism, and outreach activities.
  5.2 Serve as a focal point for cultural, educational, and research activities.
Undergraduate Learning Principle 1: Respective and Expressive Communication Skills
Undergraduate Learning Principle 3: Integration and Application of Knowledge
Undergraduate Learning Principle 4: Understanding Society and Culture
Undergraduate Learning Principle 5: Appreciating Values and Ethics
TAMIU Trailblazers: Global Perspective (Leadership Stage)